Wahkeena FallsThe kids and I just complete my last fun project with Adams Natural Peanut Butter. This time we went Geocaching, but instead of searching for one we created our own cache for others to find.

We named our cache Peanut Butter Trail and we went and hid it in the Scenic Columbia Gorge area. Our cache is a small peanut butter jar fill with coupons for free jars of Adams Natural Peanut Butter! I was worried about leaving something glass out there, so we put it in a plastic container to protect it. Also inside is a pencil and notebook. We can’t wait to go back out there and see who has signed into the logbook.
Peanut butter geocache

We want everyone to be able to go hiking and find our geocache. All you have to do is head out to the gorge area and park at Wahkeena Falls. Then go on a little hike. By little I mean over a mile, but do not worry this hike is easy enough for young children. The cache is in between Wahkeena Falls and Fairy Falls and along with way you are going to enjoy some spectacular scenery. Find out more on the official geocaching page.img 5254img 5271

Now obviously if it is in between the falls you do not have to hike all the way to Fairy Falls, but I think you should. Your reward will be getting to see this awesome waterfall. Fairy Falls