Until recently I never needed a luggage scale and I think most people

probably did not either. Unfortunately the airliners are getting stricter about luggage all the time. Now days it seems like the airlines always weight your bag and if your bag goes over weight it can cost you a lot.

My mom was recently charged $50 and her bag was only 2 pounds over the limit! 

Now I recommend getting a Digital Luggage Scaleir?t=mommtrav 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00I7XHDCU. The cost of a luggage scale is minimal and can save you lots of money when traveling.

As you can see they are pretty small and cheap. The most expensive scale I’ve seen was $30 which is still cheaper than paying the extra baggage fees.

Luggage scales really come in handy in Europe. There are a couple of low cost airlines in Europe that are super cheap to fly around on as long as you do not need to check any bags. The sticking point is keeping your carry-on suitcase below a certain weight to make sure you do not end up having to pay. Like Ryan Air allows a free carry on, but it has to weight under 40 lbs.

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