Leaving Las Vegas

We get up at the ridiculous hour of 3 AM. We hustle to be ready in time for our ride to pick us up. We drive thirty minutes to the Las Vegas airport. I try to curbside check, but apparently you can’t do that anymore for international flights. I take my three kids and go inside to wait in line. We get through security without any issues and on board our first 4.5 hour flight to Miami. My kids are excited to fly, but how long will the excitement last.

None of the kids can get to sleep on the plane. I’m worried how to keep them entertained when they start a kids movie on the plane, Gulliver’s Travels. Yeah! This kills a good two hours.  (Gulliver’s Travels was a good movie and my kids thought it was hilarious. I thought it was stupid and I can tell why it didn’t do well in the theater.)

We get to Miami for our seven hour layover.

We go eat at a Mexican food place, Jose Cuervo Tequileria.  It looks nice in terminal D, but turns out to be just okay and expensive. They also did not serve chips and salsa. I personally think all Mexican restaurants should serve chips and salsa.

Now we have six hours to go. I make the decision to go over to terminal E to the Military Lounge. I’m not sure what to expect. The last USO place I went to wasn’t that great. I was not sure if it would be open or not and we had to go through security again if we went out to get to it.

Miami USO

I am so glad we went. It is a large lounge with two rooms set up for families. They have bathrooms, half kitchen, living room, computers, free food, and free wifi. We get set up in one of the family rooms. It has two futons, blankets, sheets, pillows, tv, and a vcr. My kids watch cartoons for a couple of hours and I lay down to rest. Again, no one sleeps, but everyone is at least happy. This is more than I could have hoped for. I assumed the entire day would be a disaster. We leave Miami and head toward Honduras. We are all very excited. We leave late, but at least this is only a 2.5 hour flight and they play tv shows to whole way down.

San Pedro Sula

We arrive in San Pedro Sula, Honduras at the crappiest airport, I have ever seen.  My husband said this airport was way better than the one in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. To be honest this is hard to believe.

Mom Moment: We don’t spot a bathroom until we are already in the customs line. I tell the kids to hold it. Not realizing that we have gotten in the line of the girl who is being trained to process people. It takes an hour to get through customs.

We get our luggage and are asked by no less than 15 men if we need help with our bags. We walk through the double doors I have been staring at for an hour and the first person I see is my husband. Sweet, sweet relief. Relief you can hardly imagine. He has driven 2.5 hours from where he is currently deployed to get us. The kids are positively giddy to see him for the first time in 3 and a half months. We have an intense 30 minute drive to the hotel. The locals drive like crazy people. There appear to be no traffic laws here. We make it to our hotel, the Hilton Princess at 9PM. This is a safe place to stay in San Pedro Sula.

We’ve made it to Honduras and go to bed.