Do you have a travel lover in your mist? There’s one in every family it seems. In my family, it’s obviously me! Here are some fun gifts for travelers!


Gifts for Travelers


Traveler’s Gift Guide:

  1. AirBnB Gift Card: Did you know you can give someone an AirBnB gift card? It’s perfect for the traveler in your life. 
  1. Cashmere Eye Mask: You will sleep better on a plane and in a hotel room with a sleeping mask. 
  1. Travel Explore Repeat Sign: This would be the perfect addition to a photo wall showing off travel photos. 
  1. Globe Ornament: Super cute and super simple. 
  1. Travel Laptop Backpack: I never travel without my laptop backpack, so I know that it’s a super useful gift for a frequent traveler. 
  1. Watercolor Map Watch
  1. Electronics Travel Organizer: Nowadays everyone is traveling with a lot of electronics. This is a handy way to keep them organize. 
  1. Cozy Travel Shawl
  1. AirPods
  1. Digital Luggage Scale A handy little device that will save frequent travelers a lot of headaches. 
  1. Adidas Sneakers: These lightweight sneakers are perfect for traveling. I know because they are my go-to. Keeping it casual
  2. Rose Gold Carry-On Luggage: I only recommend hard-sided luggage. 
  1. Tile Tracker: Make sure you don’t lose your stuff with these little trackers. 
  1. Memory Foam Travel Pillow: I’ve used a lot of travel pillows and I only use memory foam ones now. They are just better. 
  1. World Map Locket
  1. Fujifilm Instax Camera
  1. YETI Travel Tumbler
  1. How to Pack Book
  1. Custom Luggage Tags
  1. Packing Cubes
  1. Vanity Case
  1. Travel Planner
  1. Passport Holder
  1. World Map Medallion Necklace

Whether your well-traveled friend is focused on outdoor adventures, new experiences, or journaling their way around the world, these gifts aim to make their journey just a little bit more enjoyable. And for those looking to join in on the fun of being a world traveler, taking one of these gifts along for the ride can provide that extra bit of comfort and joy needed while exploring strange new places. So let’s make everyone’s travels a bit more exciting– including yours. Pack up your things, slip on your sunnies, and don’t forget to grab one of these 24 Gifts for Travelers before you go!

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