We just got back from a truly wonderful stay at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. Recently, the resort went under a remodel. Although I don’t know how the property was before, our whole experience at the newly remodeled Bahia Principe was great.Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

The entire resort is great for families because there are no areas where the kids cannot go. I love the fact that everything I did, they could do too and vice versa. 

Lots of places for photos at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

This 774-room resort boasts upgraded guestrooms, seven dining venues with a broad variety of cuisine, entertainment for guests of all ages including an expansive Kids Zone with a waterpark, a grand theater, wellness spa, water and land recreational activities, and a discotheque. Additionally, there is a fitness center, tennis courts, and a golf course. 

There are different sections of Grand Bahia Principe Tulum that you can stay in. We stayed in the Tulum section of the resort, and I believe all the photos I am sharing here are from this same section. Frankly, the resort is so massive that it’s somewhat hard for me to believe there’s more. 

Massive Beach

The beach at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

One of the best parts of staying at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum is obviously the beach. What surprised me was how large and sprawling their beach is. So much so, there’s basically no scenario where the beach will be too crowded. The sands and the water are gorgeous, and they even have staff that will take drink orders while you lounge. 

You will want to set aside at least one full day to just enjoy the beach and pools. Although, two full days would be better. 

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So Many Pools!

Main pool at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

There were three pools at Bahia Principe, all of which were a good size. The main pool was huge with multiple sections, including a smaller section with a swim up bar. It’s in this area where I saw live entertainment throughout the day. 

There is also a family section, which contains another pool, a splash pad, a kid’s club, and an over-the-top playground that the kids will love.

Then there’s the quiet pool, located on the opposite end of the resort from the family section. This is the main area in which they put the adults traveling without children. 

Great FoodThe Truck at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

I’m not gonna lie, we ate a lot. And when we were done eating a lot at dinner, we may or may not have gone to the buffet later in the night and had more dessert. From Mexican to Indian cuisine, all of the food at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum was delicious.


My favorite though was the Beach Food Truck, where we enjoyed their delicious tacos. This is not a food truck which might be a tad confusing when looking for it. Located along the beach, it’s a great place to get lunch or a snack between meals or activities. It’s low-key, but the tacos were outstanding. They also served nachos, burgers, chips and salsa, and other snacks. If you want to eat down on the beach grab lunch here and then take it down to the beach with you. 

HINDÚ RESTAURANT THALIGrand Bahia Principe Tulum Indian Restaurant

This was delicious Indian cuisine. I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant to eat Indian food in Mexico, but it was so good. I wish I could tell you what all we ate, but to be honest I am not sure. What I am sure of is that everything we tried was excellent. It can be a tad confusing finding this restaurant. You can walk though the buffet to the back and you will see it outside the back door. 


A restaurant focused on grilled meats. Everything we ate here was wonderful. Make sure to make time for your family to eat here during your stay. 

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TEQUILA RESTAURANTTequila restaurant

This was another buffet, but this buffet only serves Mexican food. I wish we had eaten here sooner so we could have had it more than once. 

There were lots of other restaurants on the property offering other types of cuisines like Japanese, Italian, and French but we didn’t have the chance to try them all. 

Children’s AreaGrand Bahia Principe Tulum Kid's Area

The children’s area is fantastic. The area is named Zama, which was the original name of Tulum’s walled city. This area has an indoor/outdoor kid’s club, water playground, splash pad, and a playground with ziplines, tunnels, slides and more. This is one of the best kid’s area’s I’ve seen at the resorts in the area. 

Family SuitesGrand Bahia Principe Tulum Family Suite

Spa & Gym

Massages on the beach at Grand Bahia Principe TulumI never made it to the spa (I never do when the kids are with me it seems). However, I did see little huts along the beach where you could get a massage. I must say it looked very appealing!

They also have a well equipped gym that both my boys were pleased with. 

Entertainment at Grand Bahia Principe

I always try to catch the entertainment when we are at a resort, but I don’t always have the time or opportunity to work it in when I’m traveling. However, the entertainment at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum is a bit later in the evening than a lot of other resorts. I found this to be ideal. We could enjoy the day, really take our time to savor dinner and get around the large resort, and not have to worry about missing a show. 

On our first night at the resort, they had karaoke. None of us sang, but we were highly entertained by those that did. The second night, they had a magician, and he was excellent. Of course, you’re always trying to see how they managed to do the trick, and we simply couldn’t figure it out. He did big magic tricks as well as close-up magic, which is quite impressive in person. Silent Disco at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

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The last night they had a silent disco. Although it’s kind of a strange and novel concept, the whole family enjoyed this night activity the most. There were three djs on hand playing different genres of music. Each person wore headphones, and you just tune into whichever dj channel is playing the music you want to dance to. This was so so much fun! We danced for hours. I hadn’t expected to stay the entire time, but we did. It’s funny too when everyone starts singing, cause when they’re on a different channel, all you hear are the words since everyone has headphones on.

Overall we had a wonderful stay at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. I would highly recommend taking your family here too. It’s affordable, and the amenities are plentiful. The whole property is gorgeous, and I’m glad to say we had the opportunity to enjoy many of the resort’s wonderful restaurants and activities.

Check current rates at this resort.


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