Grand Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Grand Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Are you looking for an adult only all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta?

I’ve taken two adults only getaways this year to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and loved them both. Last time I stayed at Hotel Mousai, but this time I stayed at the Grand Fiesta Americana resort.

Grand Fiesta Americana

Grand Fiesta Americana is the newest adults only all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta south of downtown. One of the perks of staying here is that every single room has an ocean view and a balcony! And if you visit in November, you might catch a glimpse of the whales coming through.

I really enjoyed my room. Here is a tour of the room I stayed in.

Grand Lounge

If I stayed here again, I would probably upgrade to a VIP Grand Suite. For about $80 more, you get one bottle of wine, two massages, and cabana. Plus, you get access to the Grand Lounge. In the evenings the lounge has sushi, drinks, and desserts. For breakfast they have a wide spread of items.

Grand Fiesta Americana Restaurants and Bars

There are 8 restaurants and 7 bars at Grand Fiesta Americana and they are all included! I never had a bad meal here and I was able to try almost all the restaurants.

At Ceviche I enjoyed shrimp tacos al Pastor. 

I managed to have something different each of the nights I stayed including a visit to each of the gourmet restaurants featuring Italian, Asian, traditional Mexican food.

There is a buffet available for breakfast and dinner. The buffet restaurant becomes an Argentina restaurant 3 times a week.

There are three specialty themed bars: Mojito, Martini & Tequila and each is open daily from  5 PM – 10:30 PM. The Mojito lounge was my favorite, because of the menu and the swings. There I am with a Mojito, in a swing, watching the ocean!

The other bar worth mentioning is the Sky bar overlooking the pool and ocean. It is open from 7 pm – 1 am. The best part of hanging out up here are the two hot tubs. They will come take your drink order as you sit in the hot tub.

Party Rooms

If you want more of a party experience book a Party room. These rooms include admission to clubs in town and they are located close to sky bar. Prices for these rooms vary by season.


The resort has lots of amenities including:

  • Beach club
  • Beach bar
  • Volleyball
  • Kayaking
  • Private beach – One of the best amenities is their private beach perfect for swimming.
  • Free wifi available all around the resort.
  • Daily entertainment either inside or outside, depending on the weather.
  • Stocked mini bars
  • Infinity pool
  • Free parking
  • Fitness center – They have some great equipment in this gym. I was able to get in an excellent workout lifting weights.
  • Rice art – if you are celebrating a special occasion your room with have decorative rice art work on the bed. 

Paddle boards are not included in the all-inclusive rate. Instead, they cost around $30 an hour to rent.

Haixa Spa

My favorite amenity was the Haixa spa. I spent an afternoon there getting a massage and enjoying the sauna, steam room, and hot tub. The hot tub is coed, but all the other facilities are either just for women or just for men. Know that the Swedish massage is pretty light here. If you like pressure go for a different massage.

Check current rates.

Find out what I thought of Fiesta Americana their family-friendly all-inclusive sister property.

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  1. Reid Myroniuk May 10, 2019 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    First I want to state that this is a REAL REVIEW.

    I booked this hotel in Nov.2018. I began looking closely at the reviews and noticed a disturbing pattern. All the way back to Aug.2018 there were numerous reviews complaining about rampant illness at this hotel. By Dec. 2018, I became concerned and requested my travel company call the resort for an update as to the obvious problem. My travel company was assured that the problem was resolved and I should no longer be concerned.

    Fast forward to March 19th. Upon arriving my wife and I met many people complaining about extreme illness. 2 -3 days of uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting. Just like so many previous reviews had indicated. Well, we made it until day 6 when my wife fell victim to this terrible illness. I really felt sorry for her because it absolutely ruined her vacation. Little did I know, my turn was soon to follow. My wife and a friend from Minneapolis ordered fish tacos on the beach that afternoon and both became violently ill the same evening. 2 days of absolute hell for both of them. My turn came on day 8 after eating a hamburger served on the pool deck at a bbq. Funny, after returning to the beach with my food I commented to my wife, “if it was going to happen it most likely would after eating that hamburger”. The result,we both ended up returning home and suffering the long term consequences from food poisoning. It’s May 10th and I’m only now starting to feel better after repeated visits to my doctor.

    What follows is the most important lesson to be gained from this post. On Mar. 29, the day of our check out, I got out of bed and when down to the lobby to talk to management. I spoke for some time with Cesar Badir Sesein, Room Division Manager, about what we had experienced. But first, prior to that, when my wife became ill I mentioned it to a couple of hotel employees. The first, said it was due to a problem with the hotel water system, the second said it was most likely a problem with us being from north of the border. This is all nonsense because we have travelled all over Mexico without incident. It almost seemed like programmed responses that were given to these employees to pass on to guests. In discussions with Cesar, these same points came up but he did admit to the on going problem.Gave me the same programmed answers but did admit that the hotel had done some testing with inconclusive results. Sorry, that’s just not good enough. A serious health risk still exists at this hotel and from the current reviews, still has not been deal with. If this hotel was in the US or Canada it would have been shut down long ago.

    Interesting note- after my wife fell ill, I was watching the reviews on TripAdvisor and actually caught the hotel in the act. We befriended a group from New York and a review suddenly popped up on TripAdvisor regarding the wonderful time they were having while we were still there. I was leaving the gym one morning and bumped into the group. I mentioned that I had seen their post on Trip Advisor and they didn’t have any clue what I was talking about. They didn’t even know what TripAdvisor was. In the post was a picture of them with one of the hotel employees that handles the social media. I mentioned this to Cesar and he acted dumbfounded but the post disappeared shortly after. I’ve been carefully tracking the TripAdvisor reviews since home and noticed a disturbing trend. Once a bad review regarding illness is posted,a number of positive reviews follow in an attempt to get the bad review off the first page of reviews. Just take a look, it happens over and over again. TripAdvisor should wake up to this.

    In the end, Cesar refunded half of the money we spent on this vacation. Not without making me sign a waiver to not pursue this any further. My lawyer told me to get a full refund but I WAS TO SICK to put up a good fight. Really, SHAME ON YOU Grand Fiesta Americana and your parent company. If this was a cruise ship it would have been in port long along getting a deep clean. They have poisoned thousands of people without skipping a beat.

    If this gets posted, which I doubt, just want everyone to know that we have no axe to grind with GFA. We stayed there 2 years ago and had a wonderful time. That’s why we trusted them and returned even after the terrible reviews and the phone call from our travel company.

    Final note, the people that work at this hotel are wonderful. They try everyday to make your vacation the best possible. It’s the management and company that owns this property that is the problem. Unfortunately, because of their neglect, the employees are all going to suffer.
    Show l

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