GrooveBook App – 100 Free Photos

GrooveBook App – 100 Free Photos

20140626-143646-52606238.jpgHave you ever heard of GrooveBook? They were featured last year on Shark Tank and that was the first I have heard of them. Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows.

GrooveBook is an app for your smart phone that you can upload 100 pictures a month to and for $2.99 they will mail the 100 pictures to you in one of their Groove books. How awesome is that!

I travel a ton and have around 3,000 photos on my phone. Now I get them printed and delete them.

The picture quality is good, but varies based on the quality of the camera taking the picture. For example my old phone was the original iPhone and the pictures are just ok. But my new phone is the iPhone 4S and the pictures are noticeably better. Then I have photos that I added to my phone off of my Panasonic Lumix-ZS40 (best camera ever!) and those photos come out amazing.

In the back of every book is a code for a free GrooveBook and it says that I can share it with however many people I like, so here you go.

Just use SHAMY13 to get your first GrooveBook for free.

I also want to add that I am not an affiliate nor was I paid to write about GrooveBook. I just like the product.


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