Right now I feel horrible. Since around March my daughter’s allergies have been awful. Her eyes constantly bothered her and over time she began to become overly sensitive to sunlight.

After seeing multiple doctors we found out a week and a half ago that she has an eye conditioned by allergies called Vernal Congunctivitis. This is where you have little white bumps all over the inside of your eyelids. So, everytime she blinked these rubbed against her eyeball. Even worse when she rubbed her eyes she was rubbing these bumps into her eyeball.

We are lucky because when we caught it she was barely getting ulcers in her eyes because of this. After a week on steroid drops there was no sign of ulcers and her vision greatly improved. Now after a week ad a half of medicine she can play outside again!

I want to tell everyone I know about this because we saw 8 doctors before one of them checked her eyes and it was not the allergist we took her to! Apparently this is fairly common in children with bad allergies or excema. She has both.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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