Drift Creek Falls Hiking

Hiking Drift Creek Falls

There’s a scenic hike just south east of Lincoln City along Drift Creek, which leads to Drift Creek Falls. Once you pull off the main road you are about a thirty minute drive from the beginning of the trail head. At the start of the trail there are bathrooms and a parking lot. (I really wish I had known there were going to be bathrooms. Yes, I went in the woods. My kids were shocked.)
Drift Creek Hiking Drift Creek Falls
It’s a beautiful hike and was easy enough that my six year old did it no problem. Although the sign says it is 1.25 miles each way, I would guess it’s more like 2 miles each way. I checked a couple of hiking websites and they have various lengths published.

Hiking down the trail is easy, but the way up is more challenging since it is uphill. You go back the exact same way you hike to the falls. I prefer a hike that is a loop so I can see more, but the bridge is so cool and the waterfall is huge making it totally worth it.
Hiking with kids
Near the end of the trail you will come upon a suspension bridge. The bridge is 240 long and reaches from one wall to the canyon to the other, over 100 feet above the creek. The bridge is quite impressive. It’s really amazing that they were able to build a bridge like this out there. The had to take in supplies to build it by helicopter.

suspension bridge
You only have to walk about on the suspension bridge a few feet and then you will see Drift Creek Falls. It was a great waterfall.
Hiking Drift Creek Falls

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