Here is the hooch we’ve been living in the last few weeks at Soto Cano air base in Honduras on our “family vacation”. Soto Cano airbase is right outside Comayagua.  It may not seem like much but at least it’s not a tent!

It was really wild to live in a hooch. We had a nice front porch covered with termites! I personally had never seen termites this big. Needless to say, we didn’t hang out there. 

The hooch we were assigned had two rooms, so we at least have a separate room from the kids. In one room was a bedroom with a tv and in the main room there was a couch, a tiny dining table, and a kitchen. Although we had a kitchen it was mainly a fridge and a microwave because the sink didn’t work. None of the hooches have running water. Instead, there are outdoor sinks spread out around the housing area for you to use. 

So, yes, there was no bathroom. We walk to these bathrooms every single time we needed to use it or shower. There is hot water in the bathrooms and flushing toilets. They were separated into men and women. My daughter and I only saw a few other women in there the entire time we were there. 

It was extremely hard to live without running water. My daughter got super ill and threw up all over our hooch and with no water the clean up was twice as difficult. 

Living in a hooch on Soto Cano air base Honduras

You may be wondering how we were down there with children. That is not normal. It’s a long story, but because I am a travel writer we were able to acquire permission for us to be there. However, it was extremely limited. We could only be there for a certain amount of nights, so we left a lot to spread the time out. My kids were the only children on the entire base. We never left the US side of the base, so I don’t know about the other side. 

Soto Cano air base

Everyone who gets deployed down here has the option to make a hammock. I still have ours that the kids helped me make. So be sure to make time to do that while you are there!

Things to do Near Soto Cano

Comayagua Park with a playground and animals

Comayagua Cathedral

Restaurante Casa Colonial by Ricardo – Comayagua, Honduras

Taulabe caves an easy day trip from Soto Cano

I’ve been very lucky to live in some amazing places during my time as an air force spouse.. My now ex-husband and I lived on Soto Cano Air Base in Comayagua, Honduras with the kids and it was an experience unlike any other. t was a great experience getting to know the Honduran people and their culture. Even though it was challenging at times, I’m glad we had the opportunity to live there. Where is the craziest place you’ve ever lived?