While traveling with kids in Copan, Honduras, part of our month long tour Honduras, we went horseback riding.  When we went it cost $20 per person, but they didn’t charge us for our 4 year old. Be sure to bring enough cash to give them a tip too.

Horseback riding in Copan

Check out the condition of the horse before you select one. Some are in much better shape than others.  You will be riding up a mountain and back down, so it’s important to be on a healthy horse. The mountain is quite steep at times. Our children had someone walk with them the entire way controlling the horse.

Horseback riding in Copan Honduras
Here we are up at the top!
Copan Honduras horse back riding
There is a village at the top of the mountain and there will be kids trying to sell you things and beg for money. I recommend bringing a few pairs of shoes to give away to the local children when you reach the top. Even if you just give them some cheap flip-flops it will be appreciated.

The views from the top of the mountain our beautiful.
Copan Honduras horse back riding
Mr. Banana arranged this for us, but you can have it arranged yourself.  Just ask your hotel where the guys are hanging out with the horses and go speak with them. It is near the community center.

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