Horses for Heros

Not long after moving to Vegas I heard about an interesting program for military kids called Horses for Heroes.  I decided it would be worth checking out after talking to a gal on the phone about it.  So, I got the kids up early and took them out to the place they hold it here locally for the weekly playdate.

Horses 4 Heros

I found out that it is a nationwide program. They have it in Nevada, New Mexico, Georgia, and many other states but not all states. The are apparently looking for other horse owners/ranches to get involved. This program is also for firefighter and police families.  Each facility gets to decide how they run it and what they offer.  It seems that most have any time fee to join this program between $35-$50 Here in Nevada they offer:

Weekly Playdates: you can pay $10 and your little one gets to ride a horse or two.  Depending on the age they receive some instruction. The kids get to participate in a variety of chores and they get to play with and brush the other animals like a bunny, goats and dogs.

Introductory lessons: 4 one hour lessons for $50.

Operation free ride: once a week the entire family can come out at a designated time and ride for free.

Lessons: ongoing lessons $10-$15 depending on type of lesson.