Through this photo tour, you will quickly see why staying at Hotel Sant’Antonin was absolutely incredible and we highly recommend it.

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Hotel Sant’Antonin 

Hotel Sant’Antonin in Venice, Italy has become my favorite hotel there. Granted I’ve only stayed in 3 Venice hotels and one of them has since closed, so this isn’t really saying much, but my family and I adored this hotel.

Family Friendly Venice Hotel

Our room was huge, easily accommodating the 5 of us. We had a large balcony with a beautiful view of one of the canals. It was quite and peaceful. Most importantly it had air conditioning that worked well!

We would have stayed another night, but they wouldn’t give us the same rate for a 2nd night. Apparently it was almost a holiday, so they could get double for the room.

Breakfast is included in the price. It is a buffet and you dine out on the outdoor patio overlooking the garden. This picture pretty much shows everything that was part of the buffet including fruit, pastries, meats, cheese, and pancakes.


This is the beautiful garden we overlooked while we had our breakfast. I didn’t even know spaces like this existed in Venice. You can’t tell be the photo, but it’s like 80 degrees already. Venice is super hot in July.


We used a bunch while we were traveling through Germany and Italy and this hotel was by far the best place we stayed. Upon entering we could tell it was going to be better than the last place we stayed, but when we saw our private balcony we flipped!

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Venice Hotel

This is our private balcony. It was huge and overlooked one of the canals. Not only did I enjoy sitting out here having a cup of coffee, but I was able to hang dry the laundry I washed in the sink.


20140921-132346-48226136.jpgAs I mentioned above our room was huge. As you can see I was not kidding, it is an oversized room. When I booked it I mentioned that we had a couple of kids with us, so there were extra beds brought in for them.P1020041

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