Are you planning a family vacation that will leave lasting memories?   

A yacht charter getaway with kids could be the solution! Sailing on a luxury yacht while enjoying the scenery of the sea with your loved ones is priceless. Imagine sipping a refreshing drink with your family while basking in the warm sun. 

While it sounds like a dream, organizing the perfect yacht charter getaway with kids can be challenging. However, with these tips, you can make it happen seamlessly. So, keep reading for an unforgettable adventure on the high seas with your little ones. 

Select the Perfect Yacht for Your Family  

Before embarking on a yacht charter getaway, selecting a suitable yacht is vital. Yacht charter companies like YACHTZOO offer a wide of yachts, from classic sailboats to modern motor yachts. When choosing one, take into account the following factors:


Consider the size that can accommodate your family and provide the desired comfort. If you have younger kids, you may need more space for strollers, cribs, and other essential items.


Another factor to think about is the type of yacht that suits your family’s needs. If you’re looking for speed, a motor yacht is a great choice, while a sailboat is ideal for a more leisurely pace.  


Check out the yacht’s amenities and facilities before booking. Does the yacht have a pool, entertainment system, or other special family-friendly features? 


Safety should always be a top priority when selecting a yacht. Ensure the boat has life jackets, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers. Also, the yacht’s layout should accommodate nettings on the railings to prevent kids from falling.  

Remember to involve your children in the yacht selection process to boost their anticipation. How To Plan The Perfect Yacht Charter Getaway With Kids

Choose the Right Destination  

Your yacht charter destination should have safe cruising grounds and kid-friendly activities. Here’s a list of considerations when choosing the right destination:  


Think about travel spot accessibility. Locate airports or marinas near your location to reduce travel time and make it more convenient for your family.  

Proximity to Basic Amenities  

Ensure the destination can access supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, and restaurants. This ensures that you have everything you need during your yacht charter getaway.  

Scenic Beauty  

Research tourist attractions with stunning natural landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque islands. Providing a beautiful backdrop for your family vacation can make for incredible memories.  


Choose a location known for its safe cruising grounds. Stay away from areas with high piracy risks or unpredictable weather. 

Local Support Services  

For a smooth experience, choose a spot with top-notch support. These include yacht services like marinas, yacht provisioning, and yacht maintenance facilities.  

With the right spot, your family can have an unforgettable yacht charter vacation. Consider family-friendly travel destinations with beautiful cruising grounds like Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Greek Island.  

Plan On-Shore Adventures  Visit a wet market in Asia

While onboarding the yacht, you can plan on-shore adventures, including:  

Exploring Local Markets  

You can have fun with your kids as you discover local markets while trying tasty food. If you’re sailing in the Caribbean, don’t miss out on St. Lucia’s vibrant markets and Accra cuisine.

Visiting Historical Sites  

Consider visiting Greek ruins or Italian cities while chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean to relax and teach you something new. 

Participating in Nearby Events  

Research beforehand to find out if there are any local events during your visit. Imagine your whole family having fun while experiencing a regatta or La Campechada festival.

On-shore adventures can add a fun twist to your yacht charter getaway while making it a well-rounded experience for your family. Don’t forget to plan and schedule these activities for maximum enjoyment. 

Pack Appropriately  

Consider the limited storage space when packing for a yacht charter vacation. Here are some packing tips to help you prepare:  

  • Carry lightweight, breathable clothes suitable for your chosen weather and destination. Pack swimwear, hats, sunblock, and sunglasses to protect your family from the sun.  
  • Ensure that everyone packs non-skid shoes suitable for being onboard the yacht. They should provide a good grip on the boat’s wet surfaces and prevent slips and falls.  
  • Select only necessary items and avoid the rest for minimal packing. You can always do the laundry on the yacht plus most charter companies provide towels and toiletries on board.

Following these packing tips will help you maximize the yacht’s space constraint.  

Arrange for Childcare Services 

Chartering a yacht is an ideal opportunity for quality family time. However, you’ll want to be able to take time for yourself and leave your kids with expert care providers.

So, check with your charter company if they provide childcare services onboard the yacht. You can also hire a professional nanny to watch your kids while you relax. Before leaving the kids with these care providers, ask them for references to ensure safety.

Discuss Safety Procedures with Your Children  

While onboard the yacht, it’s crucial to discuss safety procedures with your children. Teach them the following:  

  • Wearing life jackets whenever they’re on the deck or near the water is vital.  
  • How to navigate the yacht safely, including where they can and cannot go.   
  • What to do in an emergency, such as contacting the crew or using a radio or phone for help.   
  • General boating safety, like not running on the deck or leaning over the side.   

Enforcing these safety rules from the start is critical to avoid accidents. You’ll also teach your kids life skills that could be useful if they pursue sailing or boating someday.   

Communicate Dietary Requirements and Allergies 

Next, inform the yacht charter company if family members have dietary restrictions or allergies. Doing so prevents surprises and ensures everyone enjoys the trip without health issues.

So, take time to notify the yacht’s chef of dietary restrictions. For example, if your child has a severe nut allergy, ensure the chef is aware of it. Plus, verify if the yacht has an EpiPen in case of emergency. 

Research Kid-Friendly Water Activities Line Fishing in Cat Island (1)

No yacht charter is complete without these water activities: 


Imagine your kids snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, marveling at colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life. 


Envision your children splashing in the sea’s warm waters and playing water games like treasure hunt or relay races. 


Picture your family casting their lines, reeling in their catch, and experiencing the thrill of fishing together.  

Water Sports 

Visualize your family engaging in water sports like jet skiing, paddleboarding, or wakeboarding, adding an adrenaline rush to your yacht charter getaway.   

Remember to research and inquire with the yacht charter company about the availability of these activities beforehand. Also, ensure that they’re suitable and safe for your children. With these options, you can arrange various enjoyable water activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged during the trip.

Create a Fun and Relaxing Environment Onboard 

To make the yacht charter experience memorable for your children, create a fun and relaxing environment on board. Consider the following tips: 

  • Bring their favorite games, books, and toys to keep them entertained during downtime on the yacht.  
  • Set up a designated play area where they can safely enjoy their activities without getting in the way of the crew or other passengers.  
  • For older kids, encourage them to participate in sailing activities, such as helping with the sails or steering the yacht under the captain’s supervision. This will provide them with a sense of adventure and teach them about teamwork and responsibility.  
  • Create a cozy and intimate sleeping haven for your children, ensuring they have a good night’s sleep after an exciting day at sea. Bring their beloved blankets or stuffed animals for familiarity and comfort.
  • Plan themed nights or events on board, such as a movie night under the stars or a pirate-themed dinner. This will add excitement and create lasting memories for your children. 
  • Remember to set aside some quiet time for relaxation, whether it’s lounging on the deck and enjoying the view or reading a book together.  

Balancing fun and relaxation will ensure that your children have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience on the yacht. 

Enjoy Quality Family Time 

Lastly, it’s a good idea to engage in activities together with your family without worrying too much. Consider these tips: 

Disconnect from Technology 

If possible, encourage your family to disconnect from technology during your yacht charter getaway. This lets you completely immerse yourselves in the experience and create deeper connections with each other. Use this opportunity to have meaningful conversations, play games, and truly engage with one another.  

Dine Al Fresco 

Another way to enjoy quality family time is to dine al fresco aboard the yacht. Delight in delectable meals as you soak in views of the sea and islands, providing the perfect backdrop for your family conversations.   

Immerse through Stargazing

You can also take advantage of the clear night skies and stargaze as a family. Consider bringing a book in stargazing to help you identify constellations and learn about the stars’ mythology, making it an educational and fun bonding experience.    

Capture the Memories  

Don’t forget to capture your family’s yacht charter getaway memories by taking pictures and videos along the way. Inspire your children to craft a scrapbook or journal capturing their trip memories.

Engaging in activities together and making memories can strengthen your family bond. Appreciate the time away from daily distractions and fully enjoy your yacht charter getaway with your kids. 

Anchoring Your Yacht Charter Adventure  

Overall, planning a yacht charter getaway with kids requires attention to detail, careful planning, and coordination to ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. Use the above tips to create a fun, safe, and remarkable getaway your family will rave about for years. 

Remember, it’s all about creating lasting memories and enjoying quality time with your loved ones. So, start planning today and anticipate an unforgettable adventure on the open sea!  

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