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How to Prepare for Your First Road Trip with a Baby

Preparing for your first road trip with baby can be daunting. You are going to over pack and by over pack I mean you are going to take 75% more stuff than you could possibly need, but this is just want new moms do. I know because this was me!

How to prep a car for baby’s first road trip!

  • Window shades to protect your baby from the sun and create a darker, nap-inducing atmosphere.
  • Cooler
  • Toys
  • A rear-view baby mirror to keep on eye on baby.
  • Tape brightly colored pictures of toys on the back of the seat that your baby faces.

Find out what essential things you will need to survive a road trip with baby for the first time.

Baby music for the road trip

I highly recommend playing some stimulating music for your baby along the way, and of course singing to them. Here is a playlist for a baby road trip.

Keep the bedtime routine the same!

It will be easier on everyone if the bedtime routine stays the same. If your child isn’t feeling the situation you could easily end up listening to your baby cry all night and get no sleep. If possible, book a suite, or something with two separate spaces. Also, try to book a baby friendly hotel. You would be quite surprised by the amount of amenities a hotel can offer your baby!

Complimentary baby gear at Grand Velas

Complimentary baby gear at Grand Velas

When it’s your baby’s regular bed time you should already be in your hotel room and situated. Then proceed with your regular routine, a soothing bath with the same baby product you use at home, singing a lullaby, reading a bedtime story, baby massage with the lotion you use at home, and do whatever else you usually do.

I love aromatherapy and always used JOHNSON’S® baby bedtime lotion for and JOHNSON’S® baby bedtime bath products on my 3 when they were babies. Now days they have a 3rd lavender product available that I probably would have used, the  JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil Gel Calming Lavender. You can find all three of these products at Walmart.

Be Prepared for Potential Issues

A lot of various problems can creep up when road tripping with a baby. I kind of had to learn all this the hard way since back when I had babies internet was still in dial up mode, but lucky for y’all you can be prepared ahead of time with these items!

  • Teething tablets or gel: If your baby begins to teeth you will want these immediately, so just keep them on hand.
  • Nasal aspirator: Traveling can be hard on a baby, especially if you are changing climates. Keep your baby from getting too stuffy with a nasal aspirator.

Listen to Books

A great way to pass time during a road trip is to listen to audible books. There are plenty out there that will entertain a baby! You can even score a few for free on Amazon. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks Here are a few we recommend:


Best of luck on your first road trip with your baby! Let us know how it goes and if you have any tips of your own to share!