There are a surprising number of ways to save money at Aulani. Save money on rooms, activities, food, and more at Disney Aulani.

Ways to save money at Aulani

A trip to Aulani a Disney resort and spa for most families will be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, but if you follow these tips you can save enough money that Aulani could possibly become a trip you take a few times during your lifetime.

18 Ways to Save Money at Aulani

Room Savings at Disney Aulani

The cost of staying the night at Aulani is enough to prevent many families from staying here. When I was looking at how much it cost to stay the week we were there nightly rates ranged between $500 – $780 a night. But if you book many months in advance the nightly rate is drastically reduced.

It was interesting to speak with other guests and find out how they booked their rooms. Many people stay elsewhere on the island and only spend a night or two here. There’s nothing wrong with doing a stay that way, but Aulani is so fantastic you really need at least 3 nights. We were there six nights and it still felt too short.

1. Military discounts

Military discounts are available at Aulani. To get the best deal book an early bird rate and use your military discount for an additional 30-40% off.

2. Book a package

Book a package that includes flights and transportation and if at all possible one of the excursions offered.

3. Use a Vacation Planner

Use a vacation planner. Now, this may sound crazy, but travel agents often have access to deals that no one else can access. This means it’s more than worth it to get a free quote.

4. Craigslist

Craiglist is still a thing? Why yes, it is! Look through Oahu Craigslist to see if any Disney Vacation club members are trying to rent out their week.

5. Shop Around

Check Travelocity, Expedia, and other sites to see if they are offering any deals. Once you check Travelocity for a deal they will start sending you discounts for Aulani.

img 2889Food Savings at Aulani

Enjoy the food, but know when to go and what to order.

6. Buy the refillable mug.

There is no telling how many times a day we refilled our mug. I filled it with coffee every morning and during the day the kids were hitting the Sprite and Fanta.

7. Lunch at Ama Ama

Ama Ama is expensive, so if you plan to dine here, I recommend you eat lunch here instead of dinner. You will end up saving around $35 without even trying.Ama Ama

8. Pizza Deals

Ulu Cafe offers a daily pizza special. The pizza is large enough to feed a family of four and costs just over $20. This makes it one of the cheapest meals to get at Aulani.

9. Cheap Eats

The snack shack at the pool has meals for under $10. It’s a great place to grab lunch. Notice that there is little price difference in the kids chicken fingers and the adult chicken fingers. I opted to order my kids’ adult portions and then we had leftovers.

10. Happy Hour

The ‘Ōlelo Room offers a daily sunset happy hour from 5 – 7 PM with $5 – $9 food options like these $9 Loaded Nachos.img 2767

11. Eat dinner off property. 

There are many nearby restaurants that are a short drive away. I recommend Kalapawai Cafe & Deli. There happens to be a Chili’s and a Cheesecake Factory nearby too. There are a few restaurants within walking distance just across the street from the main entrance. I’ve heard good things about the pie served at Monkeypod Kitchen.

12. Fill the kids up on shaved ice.

A Mickey Mouse shaved ice is only $5. (Eat them fast, they melt quickly!)Mickey Mouse shaved ice at Aulani

13. Stock your room with breakfast food.

You have a full kitchen so take advantage of it, by getting some items for breakfast. Eating in your room each morning will add up to substantial savings. There is a Walmart nearby as well as a Safeway.

14. Make Your Own Meals

If you are staying somewhere in an Aulani suite with a kitchen you can make meals instead of spending money eating out. Amazon Fresh will deliver groceries in Oahu.

15. Stick to the character breakfast

If you want to do an Aulani character meal do it in the morning. Aulani character breakfast is cheaper during breakfast than it is during dinner. Here is a super short video of our experience at the character breakfast. You can try to book the breakfast as late as possible. That way everyone can load up on buffet for breakfast and lunch. Here’s a short video of our experience at the Aulani character breakfast!

Activity Savings at Aulani

One of the best parts of staying at Aulani is the many activities that are included in your stay.

16. Participate in the included activities.

There are so many offered each day that if you can take advantage of just one a day you will have a ton of fun. Here is a list of our 10 favorite included activities at Aulani.

17. Make sure when you book, it includes some perks.

Many of the people sitting with us at the luau booked a package that included the show. So, again look around and see if you can find a vacation package. You might just find one that includes activities.

18. Utilize the beach.

I cannot believe how many people were not going down to the beach. This is basically a private beach and they have sand toys and boogie boards you can check out for free.

How to save money at Aulani

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