RVs are no longer the preserve of families on summer vacations or elderly couples looking to downsize; they work for anyone seeking freedom and flexibility. Digital nomads or location-independent workers, for instance, use RVs to travel to stimulating environments while remaining productive.

In 2020 showed a 49% digital nomad increase. Additionally, open-minded employers are warming up to digital nomadism because of the potential to hire top talent.

However, being a digital nomad entails maintaining a delicate balance between productivity and lounging in your RV.

6 Tips To Stay Focused Working Remotely While RVing2020 Forest River Sunseeker Class C RV

Wondering how to remain productive while on the road? Let’s find out.

Set Up A Workstation

Although the work environment is less formal, having a laptop on your lap all day won’t cut it. You need to set up an organized and comfortable workstation whereby everything you need is within arm’s length.

Start by ensuring your work furniture offers good posture.  Choose a comfortable height desk with some storage drawers for your work accessories. Also, select a comfy chair with a high straight back, lumbar support, and perhaps a headrest.

Next, factor in lighting in your RV, so having your workstation setup overlooking a window or under a clear ceiling improves visibility, reducing strain. 

You will need to power your desktop and charge your cellphone and laptop, so proximity to a power outlet or an extension cord is crucial. Specialty equipment like printers and cameras should also be within reach placed in places with minimal disturbance to avoid damage.

Given that you will spend most of your day at your RV workstation, having a water cooler within its proximity helps you stay hydrated without distractions. While some RVs only have provisions for a foldable workstation, a dedicated workstation is preferable.

Ensure You Have Reliable Internet

One defining characteristic of the digital nomad lifestyle is tech-enabled, building on computers, cameras, phones, and the internet. Without the internet, any form of remote working would be virtually impossible. 

Having high-speed internet connectivity allows you to respond to emails, share and receive files, conduct research, use cloud storage, attend conference calls and virtual meetings. Inability to conduct such basic work activities on demand makes you seem incompetent.

While most RV parks offer WiFi, it is spotty at best; you may also find yourself off-the-grid where connectivity is poor. Therefore, while you can research RV parks that provide stable internet connectivity, always have a backup plan.

First, purchase a reliable data plan that will guarantee you high-speed internet as you hot-spot your computer. However, the road is somewhat unpredictable, so if you have the means, purchase multiple plans and establish which works for different locations. Alternatively, you can also use various cell service providers as the networks have varying connectivity in different regions.

Second, have a signal booster to amplify your mobile signal or WiFi connectivity; some boosters amplify it to 4G. Having a backup, as suggested above, will save you from gut-wrenching internet woes.

Include Natural Aids in your RoutinesHiking in Vail, Colorado

The beauty in working on the road is that you get to choose your view and your surroundings. Therefore, select a location that gets your creative juices flowing and pushes your enthusiasm to complete a project. 

If you are looking for the best natural way to boost your productivity at work then you can check out some CBD products that are worth using. With its soothing and calming effect, CBD can help minimize stress so you can stay on task even when working remortly. You can check out CBD products here-https://cbdfx.com

It has a positive effect on physical, mental, emotional well-being and can help you to concentrate on your work.

However, days vary, and sometimes your RV workstation may feel mundane despite splendid views outside and soothing natural sounds. Feel free to change scenery during such instances; you can work from a picnic bench outside or visit a local café with free internet.

Design A Work Schedule

Digital nomads tend to work late into the night and on weekends, which beats the intention to lead a stress-free life on the road. However, as earlier stated, the digital nomad life entails a delicate balance between work, self-care, and play. While earning a living and being available round the clock is crucial, setting time apart to rest and rejuvenate also helps enhance your productivity.

Therefore, have a travel itinerary that includes vacation days and a daily schedule that includes breaks. You can achieve this by setting personal deadlines and working when you feel most refreshed, then timing out for some indulgence and self-care. Enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a beer, take in your scenery, walk your dog, socialize with fellow campers, or exercise to unwind. 

Network and SocializeCTA Lunch and Learn Technology Event

Working on the road can get pretty lonely as, more often than not, you find yourself amid strangers. So, be intentional about connecting with fellow human beings by socializing and networking.

You can visit digital nomadism forums online and learn from others while sharing personal experiences about netting clients, bucket lists, and other aspects. Also, stay in touch with friends and family while on the road and stay open to meeting new people along your journey.

Maintain Work Etiquette

Although no one is watching, inculcating discipline into your digital nomad lifestyle helps improve productivity. For instance, maintain proper grooming rather than spending all day in your pajamas; presentation matters, especially with impromptu conference calls. Keeping a tidy workstation as a cluttered workspace also means a cluttered mind. Staying organized also prevents you from losing vital documents, notes, and gadgets.


Thanks to COVID-19, freelancers and full-time employees can jump on an RV and enjoy a fulfilling work-life on the road. However, follow the tips above to stay focused, improve productivity, and net high-quality clients.

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