Hunnymilk is a delicious weekend brunch spot in Portland, Oregon, and in my opinion the best weekend brunch in Portland, Oregon.Peanut butter monkey bread at Hunnymilk in Portland, Oregon


HunnyMilk is the best brunch/breakfast I’ve ever had in Portland, Oregon. I never thought I would find a breakfast I liked more in Portland than the Screen Door. And I’ve tried a lot of places. I get to eat out a lot because of my job and it is rare that a restaurant totally blows me away, but that is exactly what HunnyMilk did. HunnyMilk is phenomenal and I simply cannot say enough good things about it.

HunnyMilk serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 2 pm inside of another restaurant, La Buca: 40 NE 28th Ave, Portland, Oregon.

Update: They now have two more locations including a west side location at 1981 W Burnside Street. And another east side location at 40 NE 28th Avenue.

It is one flat price to eat here. For $20 you get: 1 drink + 1 savory dish + 1 sweet dish. They do have a few side items that you can order like the peanut butter monkey bread with chocolate custard for $4 pictured above. They also have one kid meal option for $8 that all three of my kids refused to order, because it didn’t sound like a small meal to them and not as tasty as the other options. I can say it irked me a little to pay $20 per kid, but it really was outstanding.

Sweet and Savory Selections

A sweet gingerbread waffle dipped in honey butter with malted milk mousse, brûléed bananas, and cocoa drizzle and a savory chorizo quesadilla with red bells and pepper jack scramble, re-fried bean fritter, sour cream, and sundried tomato.img 7529 1

This is a sweet vanilla bean crepe with lemon-orange curd, whipped ricotta cream, almond shortbread, and astronaut strawberries, and a savory crispy pork ribs with cheesy garlic grits, soft egg, avocado and chimichurri sauce. img 7524 1

This is a savory open face croissant-donut sammy with sunny egg, thick bacon, sharp cheddar and spicy maple and a sweet whiskey caramel apple churro with brown butter-sage ice cream and bacon crumbles. The churro was amazing, but the croissant-donut a little too weird for us. All three of my kids ordered this. Next time I think I will split one of these with Jonah. It was too much food for him. 

This is a savory crispy pork rib with cheesy garlic grits, soft egg, avocado, and chimichurri sauce.  The sweet shown is a gingerbread waffle dipped in honey butter with malted milk mousse, brûléed bananas, and cocoa drizzle. The ribs were unbelievably good and the waffle the best I’ve ever had.

All three of my kids ordered the caramel hot chocolate with toasted milk marshmallows. Here is Jonah enjoying his hot chocolate while we play a game of chess. They have a lot of games you can play including an old-school Nintendo. They also have a handful of books for kids to read including a unicorn book.  img 7527 1

HunnyMilk –

40 NE 28th Avenue, Portland Oregon


They do not take reservations. They are walk-in only.

With so many amazing Portland brunches to try out, deciding which one is the best can be tough. When it comes to HunnyMilk, however, there’s no doubt that they’re a clear winner. Their attention to detail and service make it an experience like no other. Plus, their food choices range from classic brunch favorites to creative spins on classic dishes – ensuring everyone in your party is happy!

So if you find yourself in Portland looking for the perfect weekend brunch destination, look no further – HunnyMilk has you covered! And now we want to hear from your end – what is your favorite brunch spot in Portland? We’d love to hear about all of the incredible local options you have discovered! Let us know in the comments below.

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