It has been over a week since my wedding was recovered after being stolen from Caesar’s Palace.  I still can’t believe it! Here are some of the things I have been doing trying to recover it.

  • I made up a flier on my ring and was going pawn shop to pawn shop.
  • I went back to Cesar’s Palace where they refused to even speak to me. They would not even speak to me in the lobby. Caesar’s Palace has treated me like trash through this whole ordeal. They even suggested that I slipped the ring off at the pool so I could pick up men and then lost it.
  • I gave the most thorough details on the ring as I could to a detective.
  • I have been educated on the crime rings that run through some of the larger hotels in Vegas like Caesars’ Palace.

Well guess what!

Last week the detective assigned to my case called and ask me to come to his office I agreed. I thought I was going down to get a copy of the police report.  I literally gasped out load when he said he needed to give me my ring back!  I was circling around the airport when he called to pick up my parents.  They also gasped out loud when I told them the good news. Everyone gasps when they find out. It’s shocking.

I went to pick my ring up and sure enough it was mine!  The detective told me that after I sent him a picture he knew what to look for in the pawn registry.  He came across one that match and went to see if it was mine. It was.

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The pawn gave the gal $1,100 for it. Turns out he already had an idea of who stole it. A woman’s name he recognized as a problem, was one of the names that registered as keying into the room that day. The mini bar attendant. The name of the gal who pawned it was not hers, but her daughters. So, obviously she took it.

Once he had the ring in his possession, he went to Caesar’s Palace to question her. She denied at first, but then confessed when told her daughter would be arrested. The detective also recovered the money the pawn shop gave her daughter and gave me some great truths on hotel security.