IQ Fun Pack is an easy and fun way to prepare a younger child for testing, whether they need to test into preschool, kindergarten, or take a state test.  img 8136

IQ Fun Pack From

IQ Fun Pack from was created so that young children who have to take tests for gifted programs or private schools (or even kindergarten readiness tests for school) could prepare for these tests in a fun way. One of the main items that comes in the IQ Fun Pack is the Flying Saucer School board game for 3 – 7 year olds. When you play this with your child they have fun and think they are just playing a board game. But you are not just playing a board game, they are learning and you are building skills they will need to take tests. What’s great about the game is that it is customizable, so if you child is three you can start with the easiest questions and if they are older you can give them medium or hard questions. Skills your child will build using this game include math, visual spatial, knowledge, language, thinking, listening, memory, directions, reading, and fine motor. 

Now this may sound somewhat ridiculous, but my niece had to test at 3 years old to get into a preschool in NY! 3 years old! And as much as many parents hate testing the sad truth is that it seems to be here to stay.

Not only can you use it to prepare a child for early childhood tests, you can also use it to help your child become kindergarten ready by building skills in areas of knowledge, language, listening, memory, following directions, math, reading, thinking and visual spatial reasoning.  Besides the Flying Saucer School board game there are 24 other games and activities that come with the IQ Fun Pack.

To purchase the IQ Fun Pack you must become a member of is a website for children in grades Pre-K through 8th grade. The membership is $10.99 per month. Your membership includes an assortment of things like full access to OVER 40 premier partners’ programs. Your child learns math, reading, ELA, science, social studies, chess, keyboarding and more! (This is a $1,000 value – included FREE with your membership!)

One of my favorite things the membership includes is a practice questions to sharpen your child’s skills in all areas. For example, these daily practice test questions are designed to assess your child’s understanding of spatial concepts: testingmom challenge questions

Check out these reviews and testimonials from others who have tried it out! We have had so much fun all together as a family.

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