Islands of Adventure

While we were on our family trip to Orlando, Florida we went to the Island Of Adventures. They have some amazing roller coasters here. So good in fact that I could vividly remember them from when my parents brought me as a teenager.

Dr. Seuss Land

When we got there we were not sure where to start out. We realized quickly that the kids would be unable to ride most of the rides so we headed over to Dr. Seuss land. Which is awesome!

Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

The lines in this area were extremely long. But they were worth the wait because our 2 yr old could ride all of them.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is incredible! The world created in the Harry Potter books has come to life at Universal Orlando in full force. If you’ve read the books and/or seen the movies you will adore this part of the park.

You and your little Muggles can wander through the streets of drinking a glass of butter beer and eating chocolate frogs. There you can fly along with Harry Potter and his friends in a virtual world guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen or done.

Not to be missed is the wand shop. There you will see a live demonstration of how a wand chooses its owner.

At any given time you may see the Frog Choir or the


Night Time Lights at Hogwarts is the newish five minute firework and light show at Hogwarts.

Roller Coasters

Islands of Adventures has what I consider to be the best roller coaster in America, The Hulk. 

The Spider Man ride is also incredible, but completely different. Although it seems like a rollercoaster it’s more of a 4D ride.

From the rumbling of Jurassic Park to the depths of Skull Island, Islands of Adventure has dazzled and entertained us for many years. This park was designed to deliver an innovative, exciting experience, and be the perfect place to spend a day with family or friends. If you’re ever in Orlando, don’t forget to embark on an epic journey through these islands!

Whether it’s riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or watching wild animals on the Discovery River Cruise, you’re sure to have one incredible adventure filled with thrills you’ll never forget. So now I leave this question up to you: what’s your favorite ride at Islands of Adventure? Feel free to leave your answer below and please share this blog post with anyone who loves adventure!