jewelry travel case

Over the years I have gone through many jewelry travel cases and now I have finally found one I LOVE. I was actually at Marshalls when I found my new favorite jewelry travel case it was only $20.

The thing I love the most is that I have not had a single piece of jewelry break while traveling since I started using it. I usually have one piece break per trip, but on one particularly bad trip I had three items break and this is why I was on the hunt of something better.

This one is a lot bigger than what I have carried in the past. It has lots of pockets and zippers to keep pieces separated, as you can see from the pictures. travel jewelry caseI like the way I can keep my necklaces separated, so they do not get tangled. This is especially important when I travel with more delicate jewelry. Also you can shut the necklaces completely off from the rest of the case with a soft divider. 

travel Jewelry case
Unfortunately, I have looked multiple times at Marshalls for another one and they have not had any. The good news is I found it on Amazon! Here is the exact one I bought.

Now that I’ve been using this one for about five years, I wanted something else. I had a TSA agent go all through my jewelry and she tangled the necklaces badly. It took hours to get them all done and I do not want to deal with this again. I doubt another TSA agent will do what this gal did. In fact, this is the only time I’ve had my jewelry case searched. 

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Well, after looking around I found this jewelry roll, the Teamoy Travel Jewelry Roll. As you can see it has one less necklace holder, but it’s sectioned offed more than what I currently have. Even though I carry more than three necklaces at least as I double them up there will be fewer placed with each other. 

I do not travel with very many rings, so I plan to use the ring holders to hold bracelets instead. 

Travel Jewelry Roll

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