Do you remember back in 2011 when my wedding ring was stolen by a mini bar attendant from my parents’ hotel room at  Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas? I made the mistake of leaving it in my purse in the room while I took the kids to swim. We were stationed in Vegas at the time and spent a lot of times at the hotels there.

20140720-173500-63300236.jpgIt was devastating for me when I realized it was gone. It was actually my new wedding ring and I had only had it for 11 months at that time.

I tend to be abnormally attached to my jewelry and associate it with those that gave it to me and the memories they hold, so you can imagine how attached I became to my ring. (My friend Ashlee can speak on this and it’s kind of embarrassing, but what can I say I love jewelry. Here is my new favorite piece of jewelry right now. It is a bracelet that I kind of threw together. I ordered the Texas piece to come with a wrist band that didn’t come in so I ended up attaching it to a watch band I found on Etsy. It wasn’t very expensive but I love it! (You know how us Texans can be about our state!)20140715-085738-32258587.jpg



Eventually, I was lucky and got my ring back, but that is the exception. I went through an entire series of events that would take too long to explain in just this one post.

But here are some of the things I learned:

  • Then, once you have it double check to make sure you have enough coverage. I had my ring insured for the amount I paid for it, not what it was worth, which just so happened to be a difference of $3,000 dollars.
  • Always, always use the in room safe.
  • Never take your wedding ring off and leave it in a hotel room. It doesn’t matter if it is hidden. Multiple people working at the hotel have access to your room.

If you have not purchased jewelry insurance you should. I make sure I always have enough coverage now, especially before I travel. I worry about staying in hotels all the time now, but having adequate jewelry insurance takes a lot of that stress off me. I have tried to be one of those people that just does not take their jewelry with them when they travel, but that just doesn’t work for me. I feel like my outfit is not complete without my jewelry on. I even travel with a special case for my jewelry. This way I am sure to always put it away, the jewelry is protected, and it is easy to pop in and out of the hotel room safe.
jewelry travel case


Consider getting jewelry insurance from Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance and here is why.

  • They will repair or replace jewelry that is lost, stolen, damaged or mysteriously disappears and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE required.
  • Coverage also includes loose stones while they are being set by your own jeweler. Standard homeowners’ policies may only provide limited jewelry protection or exclude jewelry damage or loss.
  • They allow you to use your jeweler, not just some random company. (Now, this may not seem important, but I can tell you first-hand how incredibly stressful it was to have my wedding ring stolen and my jeweler was awesome. She provided every piece of documentation I needed and found an exact replacement.)
  • They offer worldwide coverage. (What good would a US only policy do you if your stuff is stolen in Germany or Italy?)