26 Kid Friendly Happy Hours in Portland

26 Kid Friendly Happy Hours in Portland

Almost every restaurant in Portland, Oregon offers some sort of happy hour. And since Portland is such a kid-friendly city it is no surprise that many of the happy hours in town would allow kids. Here are some of our favorite places to go and enjoy happy hour.

26 Kid Friendly Happy Hours in Portland, Oregon

1. Punch Bowl Social – Punch Bowl Social is an upscale bowling ally inside of Pioneer Place shopping mall with happy hour from 3 – 6 PM and 10 PM to close everyday. During happy hour they offer discounts on food and drinks.

Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social


2. Alameda Brewing Co. – Home to the best Reuben sandwich I’ve had in Portland so far, Alameda Brewing Co has happy hour from 3 to 6pm Mon – Friday & 9pm to Close everyday. Specials include 5.50 per food item, $3.50 per pint, and $4.95 per house wine.

3. Corzetti – This little neighborhood Italian restaurant offers an amazing happy hour with a wide range of food options and nice drink options. The Smoked Pork Lasagna Sandwich made with House Foccacia, Marinara, and Tuscan Kale is phenomenal.

4. Red Star Tavern – Red Star offers happy hour from 4 – 8 PM everyday! All items on the happy hour menu are $5 or 3 for $13. Drink specials start at $4.

5. Pips & Bounce – Pips & Bounce is a ping pong restaurant/bar with a different kind of happy hour Tuesday – Thursday from 3 – 6 PM you and your kids and can get a 1/2 hour free play with the purchase of two drinks.

6. Little Bird Bistro – Little Bird Bistro offers happy hour Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5 PM in the bar only and then again from 10 PM to midnight in the entire restaurant. So, if you are out late with your kids this is a great late night spot to go too. They always have a hamburger on the happy hour menu.

7. Southpark Seafood – Southpark Seafood offers a happy hour from 3-6 PM everyday. They have lots of food and drink options for $5 each.

Southpark Seafood Happy Hour

Southpark Seafood Happy Hour

8. Bridgeport Brewery – Bridgeport brewery offers $3.50 20oz pints all day Mon & Tues-Fri 4 to 6pm. Plus, they’ve got tons of food options for $3 – $6. I actually like their food better than their beers.

9. Three Degrees Waterfront Grill –  Three Degrees is located inside the RiverPlace Hotel with awesome views of the Willamette river. They only have happy hour in their lounge, but they do have some tables that kids can sit at so you can enjoy happy hour as a family. Their happy hour menu is excellent.

Three Degrees Waterfront Grill

Three Degrees Waterfront Grill


10. Oba! Oba is a killer restaurant in the Pearl District that makes Latin Street food. Whenever their dining room is open and it is happy hour then kids are allowed in the lounge. This is not the case if the main dining room is not open.  Happy hour is in the lounge from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. daily with mojitos, tacos, salads, and much more. Anytime the dining room is open then it’s a kid friendly happy hour!

11. Serrate – Serratto offers kid friendly, happy hour every day from 4 – 6 PM with $5 cosmos and lemon drops! They have lots of options kids will like, including pizza, calamari, and spaghetti.

12. Laurelwood Brew Pub – Laurelwood is kid friendly whether it’s happy hour or not. Kids are always welcome and they even have little play areas for kids. They offer their kid friendly happy hour everyday from 3 – 6 PM with pints for just $3.75. Food options include burgers, salads, wings, and more.

13. Saint Honore Bakery – At their Division location only, the happy hour menu is available each day from 4 p.m. until close. I can’t remember what is on their happy hour menu, but I know that their food is wonderful. 

14. The Observatory – The Observatory has a great happy hour from 3 – 6 PM everyday. Their french fries and fry bread are awesome.

15. Redwood – Redwood has a kid friendly happy hour everyday from 5 – 6 PM with awesome choices like wings, fries, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and discounts on beer and wine.

16. Pacific Pie Company – Pacific Pie Company is good, but a little high priced for dinner. That’s why it’s awesome that they have a kid friendly happy hour! Your kids will like their mini sausage rolls or a slice of one of their amazing sweet pies. Plus, you can enjoy a cheap drink

17. McMenamins – Almost all of the McMenamins offer a daily happy hour from 3-6 PM. This includes the Bagdad Pub, Kennedy School, the Powerstation Pub at the Edgefield, and many more. Each place has some variation of their standard menu. Almost everywhere you can get their cajun tots for $2.50 and a $3 salad, plus whatever else the location offers. Not to mention the $4.25 pints. Try the Ruby if you aren’t sure which beer to order.happy hours in Portland

18. Accanto – Accanto features a happy hour Mon – Fri 4:30pm-5:30pm with some really great cocktails. The food is a not necessarily something your kids may eat, so I strongly suggest checking out their menu first. 

19. Tapalaya – Tapalaya is full of Cajun goodness and they have happy hour from 4 – 6 PM everyday. They’ve got drinks and food starting at just $3.

20. Powerstation Pub at the Edgefield – The Powerstation Pub offers happy hour Monday – Friday from 3 – 6 PM with discounts on drinks and food. They offer the happy hour inside and outside.

21. Tamale Boy – Tamale Boy offers happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. and then again at 9 p.m. to close. Their food is so good. I just wish that they offered their happy hour at their airport location too.

22. Altabira Altabira, located on the top floor of the Hotel Eastlund, offers a daily happy hour from 4 – 6 PM. They have food and drink specials starting at $4.

23. Migration Brewing – Migration Brewery has happy hour Monday – Friday from 3 to 5 PM with $3.75 pints and slightly discounted food.

24. Dave and Buster’s – The Dave & Buster’s in Clackamas offers happy hour Monday – Friday from 3 to 6 PM with discounts on drinks including 1/2 Price Cocktails, $2.50 Domestic Pints, $1 Off 22oz Drafts, $1 Off Wine Glasses, and $3 Off Wine Bottles.

25. Clarklewis – Clarklewis offers happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Monday – Saturday. They have food items priced between $1 – $7 and discounted drinks.

26. Jackrabbit – Jackrabbit has Happy Hour 7 Days a Week from 2pm – 5pm. Their Coin Toss cocktail is awesome!

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