20140704-212150-76910848.jpgKiva Tea Bar and Spa, best known for its extensive and exotic tea list and wellness lunches, but in the back it houses a small spa where you experience a journey in ultimate pampering.

Almost all of the treatments offered here start out in the foot sanctuary where they will sit sipping a tea of their choice while their feet are taken through an aromatic Himalayan salt water bath, massaged, and exfoliated.

When I went to get my treatment I felt a little funny about getting a foot bath, but it was awesome. It was a great way to start immediately relaxing. It also lasted longer than I thought it would and the gal massaged my feet.

I cannot remember what kind of tea I had while getting this done, but I remember it was very unique. It was nothing like anything I had ever tried before. Which should not have been a surprise because Kiva, the owner is a tea expert gathering teas from around the world.


Once the foot bath is completed you are led into a candle-lit room for a luxurious massage or facial. They offer various types of massages and facials to choose from in addition to other types of treatments. Massages and facials can include a warm oil scalp treatment if you like.

Kiva Tea Bar and SpaI went for the Raw Glow Facial. I enjoy facials, but I have never relaxed during one until going to Kiva. In fact I feel asleep and I do not even fall asleep during massages! I am one of those people that has a hard time winding down at the end of the day and relaxing. So, needless to say I couldn’t believe it. It was the most relaxing spa treatment I’ve ever had. I also opted for the hot oil scalp massage and it was amazing. I did not care at all how bad my hair my have looked afterwards.

Many of the ingredients used in the Raw Glow Facial are familiar to those that drink smoothies. For example acai berries, for
example, are often used in juice blends for their health-giving ingredients, which include linoleic acid and palmitic
acid. The deep purple fruit is also famous for being packed with omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, plus vitamins and
minerals. The entire Raw Glow Facial uses ingredients like these, because raw food is just as beneficial to your skin!