Koi Fusion is an extremely popular food cart in Portland, Oregon with multiple food carts and two permanent locations offering a fusion of Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors. It also happens to be my favorite food cart so far. They have tacos, sliders, hotdogs, tamales, kimchi, and more. Their hotdogs are wrapped in bacon! I still remember the first time we ate here. We were in a hurry and just needed to grab something and go. I took one bite and was like holy….. Their food is amazing.Koi Fusion
The food carts change locations, so check their website to see where they are on which day.
Koi Fusion
Koi Fusion tacos

After reading this blog post, it is safe to say that Koi Fusion Portland is an incredible spot for delicious and unique Asian fusion food. They are able to combine a number of different flavors and dishes into creative masterpieces for their customers to enjoy. Everything on their menu sounds amazingly fresh and flavorful, no matter the combination.

We all want more bang for our buck, both financially and taste-wise, and Koi Fusion delivers on both! If you haven’t tried it yet, head over to Koi Fusion right away – you won’t be disappointed! A meal at Koi Fusion can be comforting, fulfilling, and fun – what could be better? We’d love to know what your favorite item from the menu is! Share your favorite combinations with us in the comment section below! Until we meet again at Koi Fusion – bon appetit!


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