One of the prettiest Italian lakes offers the perfect blend of beautiful towns, Alpine scenery, and breathtaking views. Be prepared to unveil your romantic vacation with awesome restaurants and the enticing atmosphere of numerous villas.

Lake Como is awesome to visit for couples all year round, not only in spring or Valentine’s Day. The lakeside promenades lead to amazing architecture and tranquil corners. Discover the incredible charm that invites many to call Lake Como such a romantic destination. Whether you’re visiting Lake Como only for a weekend, honeymoon, or anniversary, it’s a fabulous choice.

How to get to Lake ComoMenaggio-crocetta Lake Como

The short distance from Milan makes it pretty easy to reach Lake Como. By train from Milano Centrale, you’ll need only 40 minutes to the Como City. To Menaggio, it takes one hour by bus from the Como City.

Alternatively, you can take a train to Varenna-Esino from Milano Centrale. Bellagio is only less than 5 km from Varenna, which you can reach by bus or ferry.

It’s easy to explore Lake Como by boat and gives you the chance to visit several places in a row.

The best time to visit Lake ComoMenaggio

Though Lake Como is enchanting all year round, spring is a particularly advisable time to visit. Wisteria and other flowers at the lake promenade are the inviting reason alone. Many villas with its gardens offer a magical atmosphere full of colorful shine.

Just like spring, autumn is the time to enjoy pleasant weather and avoid crowds. It’s a time when even swimming can be enticing, though not like in the summer.

Where to stay at Lake ComoMenaggio

The most romantic hotels:

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This fabulous hotel bursts with elegance and a gorgeous park where details make the wonder. Its swimming pool in the lake is absolutely breathtaking. The location near the gracious Villa Carlotta and its botanical gardens is absolutely fabulous.

The stylish furnishings add incredible charm while you enjoy the tranquil views. Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi is an awesome restaurant where you can even have your own private dinner.

Hotel Royal Victoria, Varenna

In the charming ambiance of Varenna lies this historical hotel surrounded by lush gardens. Its name unveils the royal traces from when Queen Victoria stayed here in 1938.

With a wonderful swimming pool and terrace views you will have truly relaxing moments. From its private dock, it’s possible to take water trips around the lake.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio

The fabulous views of the Alps offer the exquisite shine of this 5-star hotel. In the luxury settings, you can enjoy an awesome restaurant where stunning frescoes and chandeliers dictate the charm. Two gardens and the outdoor swimming pool perfectly blend with the incredible view. The spa and the beauty center is your chance to add some extra shine to your vacation.

Hotel du Lac, Bellagio

You will be spoiled with spectacular views from its rooftop bar. The smooth atmosphere belongs to the comfortable rooms and cozy settings.

Budget hostels:

Lake Como Hostel La Primula – cozy atmosphere, awesome view and delicious food;

Ostello Bello – a cozy hostel with a garden and hammocks, close to the train station in Como;

Mid-range hotels:

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Hotel Loveno, Menaggio – a lovely boutique hotel with a garden and pretty view;

Albergo Milano – a cute boutique hotel overlooking the lake, with an excellent location;

The Lakeside promenades

Strolling along the picturesque lakeside promenades is the best way to share romantic feelings. A leisurely walk after a delicious lunch or dinner is a fabulous response to your love story.

Lover’s Lane or Passegiata degli Innamorati follows the scenic mountain views to the colourful town of Varenna. The same refers to the picturesque promenades in Como and Lecco.  

Menaggio’s promenade is truly gorgeous, particularly with the colorful shine of various flowers. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a truly awesome Italian ice cream.

The Alpine trails

If you’re more of an adventurous spirit, the mountains above Lake Como offer fabulous views. The most romantic trail is a pleasant pathway full of lush nature, tranquil villages and pretty villas. It stretches along 10 km starting in Griante near Menaggio.

Pretty towns of the Lake Como

It’s difficult to choose the prettiest town at Lake Como as they all burst with incredible charm. Being a touristic magnet is the inherent characteristic of the entire lake for thousands of reasons.

BellagioBellagio Lake Como

Bellagio is probably the most popular, a small town where its hilly streets play the symphony of the lake. Numerous restaurants intertwine with the cute shops and artistic spirit. Bellagio is a perfect place to find a hand-made souvenir, something that will create an unforgettable memory.

VarennaVarenna Lake Como

Varenna is a great choice to base yourself at Lake Como due to the rich panorama of activities. It’s a place to enjoy the enchanting views while taking a delicious lunch. This colourful town offers relaxing moments with just a coffee and your significant one.

Only a short distance from Bellagio by boat, take advantage and visit both towns in a cozy way. In the picturesque ambiance of Varenna, you’ll find the cutest beaches of Lake Como.

The hidden treasure of Varenna are the several botanical gardens within fabulous villas and hotels. Villa Cipresi is such a hotel where lovely lakeside views secure the romantic atmosphere.

In the adjacent Villa Monastero, you’ll discover even more enchanting shine within its botanical gardens. To evoke the romantic paradise, it’s unmissable to visit in Varenna.

MenaggioMenaggio Lake Como

The allure of Menaggio belongs to its tranquil promenade and cozy Old town with plenty of restaurants. Mystical mountain views are sufficient to experience a deep connection with your loved one.

The lavender charm is present all year giving you the enticing moments. With ice cream in hands you’ll embrace the beauty that Menaggio conveys.

More than Menaggio itself, you’ll be surprised by the lush nature in its surroundings. Take the chance to visit Val Sanagra which leads to the incredible trails with waterfalls. The views from Mount Grona are simply irresistible and offer a new perspective of the lake Como.

Elegant villasvilla

The gorgeous villas of Lake Como speak about its fancy life and historical treasure. Sparkling the romance hides in their inner shine while you stroll along the marvelous botanical gardens. The most picturesque images of Lake Como belong to the incredible villas and their tranquil ambiance. I already mentioned Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi in Varenna, but let’s see the other ones.

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Villa BalbianelloVilla Balbiano

The most famous one- Villa Balbianello- deserves to be your first choice. Enjoying its lush gardens will put you back in time while marveling at the tender views. Villa Balbianello covers the impressive set of terraced gardens where you wish to stop the time.

This gem from the 18th century is an oasis of elegance and tranquility. The allure of Villa Balbianello is unveiled in famous films such as Star Wars II or James Bond Casino Royale.

The artistic exhibition inside includes gracious French furnishings, glass paintings and artworks by Guido Monzini.

To reach Villa Balbianello you have to walk from the center of Lenno town about 20 minutes. Taking a boat tour to visit Villa Balbianello is also simply astonishing.

Villa Carlotta

This exquisite villa covers a large botanical garden and a museum. The architectural marvels include amazing sculptures and delightful designs in the historical grandeur.

Villa Carlotta is a true gem of Tremezzino, a tranquil village close to Menaggio. Its rich heritage belongs to the late 17th century while the 19th century finally marks the deep significance. Becoming the property of the Princess Marianne of Orange-Nassau, later it gets into the hands of her daughter Charlotte. It’s her that gave Villa Carlotta the artistic shine and botanical treasure.

In the harmonious beauty of Villa Carlotta, you can admire the richness of rhododendrons and azaleas.

Villa Melzi, Bellagio

At the outskirts of the charming Bellagio, you can enjoy the oasis of the beautiful Villa Melzi. Taking roots in the early 19th century, it was a summer residence of the Francesco Melzi d’Eril. The vice president of the Napoleonic Italian Republic created a remarkable piece of history and elegance.

Only the stunning gardens are open to the public as the villa is private. The breathtaking beauty of the gardens will lead you from the colorful rhododendrons in spring to the fascinating Japanese pond. In the embrace of the exotic trees lies the English-style garden where you can admire the panoramic views.

The adorable family chapel enriches the vibe, together with Orangery and Moorish Pavillion.

Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio

The neoclassical Villa Serbelloni from the 15th century captures the picturesque setting at the top of the hill. Nowadays it’s a private property offering a tranquil escape to the artists and scientists. Only the guided tours are possible in its impressive gardens with a prior reservation. With the fascinating views, you’ll get a chance to admire local but also rare and exotic plants.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is another fabulous villa, a historical place that belonged once to the same family.

Villa Olmo, Como

About 20 minutes by foot from the Old Town of Como you’ll find the majestic beauty of Villa Olmo. The immense charm of its historical gardens will offer a delightful experience. The free entrance gives the chance to absorb the views in the symphony of shady trees and beautiful fountains. Its interior is open to the public and covers various cultural events in the gracious ambiance.



Other romantic activities at Lake Como

Boat cruise

The idyllic atmosphere of Lake Como is your chance to experience it in a different style. The romantic shine awakes while enjoying the boat ride and amazing mountain scenery. Having a picnic on the way will deepen your romantic moments while waiting to capture new incredible corners.

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Taking a Funicular from Como to Brunate

The village of Brunate pours a breathtaking panorama and will impress you with its Art Nouveau architecture. Don’t hesitate to take this ancient train and in 7 minutes you’ll reach the easiest viewpoint of Lake Como. Brunate will also offer you amazing nature trails of the area.

Final thoughts:

If you’re dreaming about the perfect romantic destination, Lake Como will fulfill all your expectations. Plenty of idyllic towns and villages will offer pure delight and intimate corners.

Fabulous blooms in spring are sufficient to experience the enchantment of Lake Como. With the pristine inspiration of the majestic mountains, Lake Como awakens the spirit of romance. 

Guest Author: Gabi Zec is a travel enthusiast from Croatia, a poetic soul passionate about writing. Her blog, Under Flowery Sky, focuses on the outdoors, gardens, and mountains. She also loves photography.

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