When was the last time you and your family escaped together for some real, quality bonding? Houseboating is a great way to get away from everyday life and take in the beauty of nature. Consequently, this summer why not embark on an unforgettable vacation on Lake Shuswap in British Columbia? With its sparkling blue-green waters, sandy beaches, and endless outdoor activities it won’t disappoint! You can spend lazy days lounging around or active days swimming, fishing and exploring all that beautiful lake has to offer. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime by choosing houseboating on Lake Shuswap as your next vacation destination.

Houseboating on Lake Shuswap

We really enjoyed our family vacation of house boating on Lake Shuswap. It is a massive lake with spots to beach everywhere! I think this has to be the most beautiful, peaceful place I have ever been to.     One morning, when we were sitting on the back deck having our coffee we watched bald eagles swoop down and catch fish. Another morning we woke up to watch a little black bear roam around the area where we were beached! Our children love seeing all of the wildlife. We were able to fish a great deal. (As long as it is your kids fishing you do not need a license.) We took their kiddie rods with us and they got a kick out of trying to catch something. This is where our son caught his very first fish!There are a lot of house boating companies out there. I can’t recommend one over another. The main thing is to make sure that whatever one you go with gives you a boat with a hot tub!

Houseboating on Lake ShuswapRemember Canada gets warm during the day. It may even hit 80 while you are there, but in the evening and at night it can get downright cold. So keep this in mind when packing.


Also, do not forget your roasting sticks, marshmallows, and the other stuff if you want to make s’mores. We had a campfire every night with our kids. It was one of the highlights of being on the lake. Find out if your boat has outdoor chairs provided. If not bring your own that way you can sit around the campfire comfortably.

Waterfall Hikes on Lake Shuswap

There are two great hikes that you can go out near the spots that you beach at.

Albas Falls

One is Albas Falls. This hike can be done in two different ways depending on the ages of your children. You can stay on the road and just take short detours off of it to see parts of the falls or you can take the actual hike through the woods. Through the woods is the way to do it if your kids can handle it. It is very steep and slippery at places. For little children, this would be a very difficult hike and they would probably not enjoy it. But if you can take the one through the woods you will see one waterfall after another. Albas Falls:Albas Falls

Margaret Falls

The other hike is Margaret Falls. This is an easy hike and easy for children. Ask the people at check-in where to beach your boat to get to both hikes. Here is a picture of Margaret Falls. There is a secret cave under Margaret Falls. Depending on the time of year you may be able to get to it. Margaret Falls

Two important tips to keep in mind if you are driving over from USA.

  1. Get groceries before you leave the USA. Food is a lot cheaper here so you will save yourself a lot of money by buying before you get to the area.
  2. Also, get gas right before you cross the border. Again gas is quite a bit more expensive. So fill up before you cross that way you won’t have to buy as much gas in Canada.

House boating on Lake Shuswap is a great way to spend a vacation. The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone in the family entertained. If you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation, be sure to check out house boating on Lake Shuswap. Where is your favorite place to house boat?