Ah, country music – the sound of pure grit and determined spirit. Whether turning your worries into a slow dance or driving the highway with a song in your heart, it’s an ever-relevant part of our lives. Speaking of which, have you been to Landmark Saloon in Portland, Oregon? It may just be the best place in Portland for all your country listening needs! With its authentic feel and down-home atmosphere this legendary gem is sure to make ya feel right at home. Come listen ‘n learn why Landmark Saloon has been blessing the charming hills of Portland!

Landmark Saloon


Landmark Saloon is my favorite bar in Portland, Oregon. Probably because I am from Texas and it is a straight up Honky Tonk bar. Meaning the drinks I served out of mason jars, the live band is always country when I visit, and they’ve got corn hole set up in the backyard! Something about this reminds me of home. Go figure.

Are you now wondering what corn hole is? Well, it’s basically the same thing as washers. It’s super easy to play and no matter how much you have to drink you will probably still be able to play. I can tell you that this is the only place in Portland I have seen so far in over 5 years of living here that has corn hole.

BBQ Cart!

So, I already loved this place. Then when I went the other day there was a food cart out in the back yard serving BBQ and it was good BBQ, so now needless to say I can’t stay away! I mean geez I do not know who owns this place, but I am beginning to think he might be from Texas too.

If you don’t want to eat BBQ hit up one of the other restaurants on Division. They are all really good. La Petite Provence is directly across the street.



No matter your taste, Portland’s Landmark Saloon is sure to have something for everyone. With great drinks, food, and service, it is easy to see why this bar has been a favorite of locals for over a century. So, while you are out and about in the city of Portland be sure to check out the legendary Landmark Saloon for some of the best soul food you will ever eat and excellent drinks! Be sure and show off your snapshots from the bar on social media too! And now I turn it over to my readers- let me know in the comments section below what is your favorite bar in Portland? I’m always looking up new ideas for places to visit when I’m around town!