LardoLardo is one of the most popular restaurants in Portland, Oregon, the locals just can’t get enough of it. It was originally a food cart, but now has three permanent locations!  They have a location in downtown Portland, the Hawthorne District, and North Portland! They cook all of their seasonal ingredients from local farms in pig fat. All three locations open at 11AM everyday. 

 Many of the sandwiches offered here are Italian creations like the Rapini and Grilled Mortadella. Their most popular sandwich is the Pork Belly, Egg, and Cheese. Besides sandwiches they also offer salads and fries, including their famous Dirty Fries made with pork and herbs.Dirty Fries at Lardo

Lardo often has a favorite local chef visit and make their own sandwich creation. That chef’s creation is then featured on Lardo’s menu for a month. Lardo has beers on tap including Italian and regional selections for $5.50 a pint or $3.50 for half a pint. Lardo also serves their signature cocktails.

Their downtown location on Washington street have happy hour everyday from 3 – 6 PM with $3 pints $3

Lardo Portland