9 Tips For Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

9 Tips For Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

Are you going to Las Vegas and taking your kids?

Do not despair! Las Vegas is great for kids too!9 Tips for visiting Las Vegas with kidsVacationing in Las Vegas with kids is not as unusual as you may think it is. There are lots of parents out there that want to go to Vegas, but have no one to leave their kids with, so they take them.

After being stationed a few years in Vegas I can assure you that there is plenty of stuff to do for kids and families.

9 Tips for Visiting Las Vegas with Kids

  1. Rent a car, because many kid friendly activities are not within walking distance like the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  If you do not want to rent a car, Uber and Lyft are available. Use my Uber invite code, meagans343ue, and get a free ride up to $15. Use my Lyft invite for a $50 credit!
  2. Keep the kids off the strip as much as possible. Find a different way to get around: rental car, monorail, taxi, anything that keeps them off the strip.
  3. Stay at a hotel or casino with a cool pool like Monte Carlo or Golden Nugget. (Make sure the pool will be open when you visit before you book!)
  4. Eat at Kid Friendly restaurants in Las Vegas and if you are trying to stick to a budget find places Where kids can eat free in Las Vegas.
  5. If you are going to take them shopping pick out a place that has a playground and splash pad so they can play while you get your shopping on, like Tivoli Village or Town Square.
  6. Make sure each of your kids have a plenty of water. Las Vegas is extremely dry and kids can dehydrate quickly. The water tastes like crap in Las Vegas so take water flavor mixers with you.
  7. Kids will also need a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen.
  8. Take advantage of the safe childcare options available. The Palms Casino has childcare, as does a few of the Station casinos.
  9. Take them to an age appropriate show like Mystere, Beatles Love, or one of the variety or pet shows. (KA is too dark for kids, they will fall asleep. I know this because I fell asleep during it.)

For the most part if you just don’t walk up and down the strip you will be able to avoid your kids seeing certain things you would rather them not see. If you want to see the front of a certain casino, like the Bellagio, drive over to it and walk out front instead of walking over from another casino.

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