One of the best parts of living in Oregon is the phenomenal pumpkin patches we have to choose from during the fall. Our favorite pumpkin patch is Liepold Farms’ annual pumpkin patch east of Portland. 

The Pumpkin Patch at Liepold Farms

Liepold Farms is located in the tiny town of Boring, Oregon about 20 – 30 minutes southeast of Portland, Oregon. It’s been there since 1952 and can be found at

14050 SE Richey Road
Boring, OR 97009

The pumpkin patch is open most days from 9-5 pm. Even on a sunny weekend day they enforce their hours.

It is a bit of a drive from Portland, but I feel like it is totally worth it. It is many local’s favorite pumpkin patches in the area because they have tons of family activities including a corn maze, hay maze, petting zoo, a pumpkin catapult, and more.

Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch
Perfect Place for Fall Photos

They always have an area set up where you can snap some family pictures. I’ve been taking the kids here since they were little, so it’s been fun to compare photos over the years taken in some of the same spots. You will notice that the kids are an assortment of ages throughout this post. We take photos in several spots. At the entrance, where you pull in to park, is always a nice setup and lots of families take photos there. Under the pavilion is another place where they usually have a nice set up for photos. That’s where I am sitting in the photo above. When you go for a hayride, you can ask a worker to snap a family photo. And of course, you can take photos in the pumpkins.

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch taken with a GoPro

Kid’s Pavilion at Liepold Farms

Liepolds pumpkin patch

Liepold’s pumpkin patch taken with a GoPro

There is a fun area that is perfect for younger kids that I am pretty sure they call the kid’s pavilion. It’s across from where you can see Jonah riding a tricycle in the main pavilion. You can see the petting zoo further back behind where they are pedaling around.

Corn Box

Leapolds Farm Pumpkin Patch corn box

One of the most unique things you will find here is the corn box. Instead of a sandbox they have a box full of kernel corn for the kids to dig in. It’s great because instead of trying to get sand off the corn just falls away. All the fun with less mess!

Hay Maze

Leapolds Farm Pumpkin Patch hay maze


They have a hay maze in the dark that the kids and adults can go through. They have to use a flashlight to see through it, because it is pitch black inside. Before you decide to do this with your kids, know that you may end up crawling through parts of the hay maze on your hands and knees.

Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch


Also found at the kids pavilion is a tiny little merry go round and a ball pit. Even if it’s raining you can still bring the kids out to do these activities because the entire pavilion is covered.

Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch bouncy house

Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch
Be sure to buy a bag of apples! They have $5 bags of apples that are grown locally that I highly recommend getting. It’s a ton of apples and it’s such a good deal!

Hay Ride

Leapolds Farm Pumpkin Patch

There is always a hayride and it’s covered, which is important since it’s almost always raining in Portland. A tractor pulls your family and other families around the farm for a fun ride. Sometimes halfway through they stop and give an educational lesson.

Although they do grow pumpkins and apples here they sell lots of other items that they did not grow like squash and gourds. One of the local grocery stores brings it in, usually the local Safeway.
IMG 4013
Tanner Apple


Corn Maze

Every year there is an extensive corn maze. Halfway through there is a bridge and from there you can see super far. It’s another great spot to grab some photos. If you want to there is a game you can play. Along the way there are various spots to hole punch a card. If you manage to get all the punches you can enter to win a big prize. We have never managed in all of these years to ever get our cards completed!

IMG 4014
Lost in the Corn Maze


pumpkin catapult

Pumpkin pull taken with a GOPRO


Pumpkin and Apple Catapult

There is a pumpkin pull that kids tend to get a massive kick out of. They can launch apples or little pumpkins. They have targets set out way out in the field and if you happen to hit one you can get a prize.


Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Catapult
Liepold Farm Pumpkin Patch
pumpkin catapult

Pumpkin pull taken with a GOPRO


Liepold Farms Pumpkin Patch Prices

You can pay for each activity separately or you can buy a pass that includes everything. We always buy a pass.

Complete Pass for all activities costs $15.00 Adults or $13.00 for kids ages 3-8 years old. (This does include The Dead End Challenge in the Corn Maze)

Corn Maze  $9.00 Adult / $7.00 Kids ages 3- 8
Dark Maze  $2.00 (unlimited)
Pumpkin / Apple Slingshot $2 for 4 tries
Children’s Pavilion $3.00 (includes Kiddie Hay Maze, corn play bin and other activities)
Hay Ride $4.00/person

Apple Pult is three tries for $2.00


They offer food and drinks like popcorn.

On the weekends they even offer beer, cider, BBQ, corn on the cob and caramel apples.

More Oregon Pumpkin Patches

Bushue’s Pumpkin Patch this is another fun pumpkin patch in Boring.

Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch is one of the Portland local’s favorite pumpkin patches.