I usually pack my kids everyday, but it gets difficult to come up with new lunch box ideas. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and oats, which rules out many of the ideas I see online.

I saw a cute blog the other day devoted to Bento box lunches. I’m not going to go out and buy my kids Bento sets, but I did take a look around my kitchen and found some items I could use. These sandwich holders are from Tupperware. I got them a long time ago. They worked out really well. I was able to separate items using paper cupcake holders.

lunch box idea

In one cupcake holder is slices of meat and in the other cut up cheese. The cut up cheese was what was leftover after make those cute little bears out of cheese. I used a Teddy Bear Cookie Cutter to make them.
I made ants on a log using celery, cream cheese and raisins. (I have to throw out there that my children absolutely hated the ants on a log and made it clear that they were not only disgusting, but stupid. Aren’t children fun.)
Then I just used grapes and carrots to fill up extra space so that nothing was moving around.


These are the exact same sandwich holders I have in different colors. I love them.

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