While we were in New York City in December 2011 we happened to walk right by Macy’s. I had heard about Macy’s Christmas windows but didn’t know much about them.  I was quite impressed at how elaborate they are.  These are some videos I took of some of the windows that I put into this one video. The first part is two windows that are just decorated and the rest are moving and telling a story.

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The holiday season brings about a feeling of joy, warmth, and unity that can only be experienced during this time. Macy’s Christmas windows embody this concept in a very special way. While other cities may have amazing displays of lights and decorations, no other city does it quite like New York City. Not only is NYC enchanting during the holidays, but it also has so much life to it year-round that allows for more diversity and vibrancy in its decorations. With both traditional and unique ideas displayed in Macy’s Christmas Windows, there is something that appeals to everyone who loves the spirit of the season. Whether you come to marvel at the stunning lights or brave the cold weather to get an up-close view of all the intricate details of each design, you’re guaranteed to leave with delightful memories. What is your favorite part of NYC during Christmas? Share with us pictures and stories on social media!

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