For some people, camping is a favorite pastime. The summer when they want to get away but they haven’t got the money to go abroad, and it’s often the thing that they do just to be able to have a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city and they want to get into nature. Camping allows you to get in touch with the trees and allows you to spend some time in the great outdoors. 

The problem is that camping isn’t always comfortable for some people, so you have to do what you can to make it an amazing experience. If you’re coming back from your camping trips and you’re not enjoying yourself, there are plenty of things that you can do to turn it around. For some people, that means investing in a 100W solar panel so that they could have electricity, heat, or entertainment while they travel. For others, it’s doubling up on the blankets and adding an electric blanket to the mix. Camping doesn’t have to be on foot with a tent on your back, you can camp in an RV and have a canopy over the side. Your experience is supposed to be a good one, put together a list of ways that you can make camping a comfortable experience. 

1. Make sure you have some running water.Jerry can with a tap on it

Accessing running water from a tap if possible is so much better than trying to live with bottled water when you are camping. You can use something simple like a Jerry can with a tap on it or one of those giant thermos containers you see at sports games. No matter which way you decide to set it up, being able to flick on a tap to fill your pot with water or simply wash your hands and face can really be something you appreciate. You may not be able to stop anywhere that you want to when you are on your way, and not every campground has showers or toilets. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

2. Pack a comfortable bed.

Not all camping experiences have to be on hard ground with just a sleeping bag for company. A self-inflating mattress can make or break a camping trip. On top of that, make sure that you have a comfortable pillow, sleeping bag, or good bedding. There’s nothing quite like ditching an old sleeping bag and using a proper sheet and a quilt set up so that you can sleep comfortably or even just relax comfortably. Don’t forget to bring some top for your mattress to be inflated on so that it doesn’t pop the moment it hits the ground.

3. Pack some pre-cooked meals.Camping tips - bring pre-cocked meals

If you want to make your camping experience amazing, it can help to bring some food with you rather than having to cook something from scratch. You can cook sauces and marinated meats or even pre-cooked stews that can be reheated over a fire. When you’ve had a busy day and you really can’t be bothered to actually prepare anything, you can just whip one of these out and reheat it over a fire. Just make sure that you bring the right tools for this, because the last thing you want is to be camping in the dead of night and have burnt food in front of you.

4. Get to know how to make a good fire.Camping Tips - How to make a fire

It’s nice to be able to sit around the fire and make memories with your friends and family, especially if you’ve got some marshmallows and chocolate on a stick ready to roast. If you can make a good fire, then you’ll be able to spend a fair bit of time sitting around and talking and laughing with the glow and the warmth of it. You just need to ensure that you have everything you need to build it properly in the first place.

5. Bring people with you.

For an excellent camping experience don’t go alone. Of course, you can, you can camp anywhere you like by yourself whenever you want to. But while camping isn’t for everyone the chances are high that you’ll have at least one or two friends with you who love to camp. This way, you can enjoy their company even if they are not often people you would have called on to go out with. If you have family who have been growing up around camping experiences, plan at least one or two big adventures every single year and you will be having the most fun possible.

6. Do it spur of the moment.

One of the best things about camping is going unplanned. You headed home from work after a long day and you’re tired and you just had a shower. Why not pack up the car and drive to your favorite hiking spot so that you can camp in the woods? Taking yourself away for a spontaneous weekend is one of the best things that you can do to feel free after a week of changing your desk. A spur of the moment trip can give you so much reward that you won’t hesitate to do it again and again.

7. Choose somewhere you can have an adventure.

Wild Camp in the Remote Highlands

Wild Camp in the Remote Highlands

Just because you’re camping outside doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you’ll be doing on your trip. Take yourself to an attraction that could end anywhere, and make sure that you enjoy kayaking or rock jumping while you are there. If you’re prepared to be a little more adventurous in your hobbies, you’re going to have some amazing experiences that you may not have had otherwise. There are thousands of different camping setups out there today so you could always join a campsite that has a trail leading to these fun things.

Camping at Suttle Lake

7 Best Places to Camp in Oregon

Sleep under the stars.

If you want to have an amazing camping experience then you need to at least have one night where you don’t have a canopy. Of course, wait until it’s not raining and it’s nice and dry outside. It’s even better if it’s summertime, but just make sure you have some netting around to keep the mosquitoes off.

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