Disney with Tweens


Is it possible to make Disney World even more fun than it already is? Of course it is! 

Disney with Tweens
Test Track at Epcot


We’ve found a super silly way to make going to Disney with tweens even more fun.

We have been to Disney enough times that we know where all the cameras are on all of the rides. When we get on the ride our goal is to be ready for the camera and do something crazy. Then when we get off the ride we can compare poises and decide who was the funniest. This really can be quite funny and it is interesting to see if the other people around see it. Many times people near by do not realize we did it on purpose and they are freaking out making sure everyone sees the photo. Mean while we are in the back ground dying of silent laughter.

These are some of our pictures from our most recent trip. We thought the one on Expedition Everest was so funny we actually bought a copy.

On Expedition Everest the camera is right before you take the large drop. 

The camera on the Buzz Light Year ride is when you are battling the evil Emperor Zurg.

Disney with tweens

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.43.24 AM

On the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom the camera is towards the end of the ride when the big scary dinosaur is coming right at you. Disney with teens

Dinosaur ride 2013
On the Aerosmith ride the camera is right when you are taking off.
Aerosmith Ride

Space Mountain