McMenamins Passport

McMenamins PassportMcMenamins Passport Program

Have you heard about McMenamins Passport?

I am not sure how long this program has been around or why it took me so long to discover it. I am a huge fan of McMenamins and hang out over at the Edgefield all the time. Now I can get rewarded for hanging out at their properties.

For $30 (used to be $20) you can buy a passport. Then, whenever you visit a McMenamins you can collect stamps. As you go you receive gifts and rewards that are worth $200. Once you have completed your passport you are rewarded with a grand prize worth $500. 

For example, I went to their location in Roseburg, OR where I had to find a piece of artwork. A server will give you a clue. Once I figured it out I took a picture and showed it to the server and I got a stamp and an exclusive t-shirt that only those with passports can get! How fun is that.

I also got a stamp after I got done eating at a McMenamins in Salem, but not a reward until I visit their other Salem restaurant. Once I visit both restaurants I get my choice of a free sandwich or wrap a prize worth about $12. 

At many locations you have to find a certain piece of art. They will offer you McMenamins passport photo clues to help you find it, as many clues as you need. 

Other prizes include hotel stays, concert tickets, spa treatments, gift cards, key chains, growlers, pint glasses, free tots, and invitations to exclusive events.

Special Experience Stamps

My favorite reward so far has been the $20 gift cards you are rewarded with when you collect 4 experience stamps. I went to get a haircut at Ruby’s Spa. When I got my spa treatment I had enough to earn a $20 gift card which I was able to immediately apply to my haircut. 

There are lots of special experience stamps and they seem to be adding some all the time. Wine month stamps, Ruby’s Birthday stamps, Copper Moon seasonal ale stamps, Play a Game (shuffleboard, pinball, pool), Buy a Pint of McMenamins Hard Cider, Tour the Edgefield Winery, Stay the Night at a hotel, Relax with a Spa Treatment, and Make Merry at McMenamins on Your Birthday stamp.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone ages 21+ can participate and there are no time limits. You can take as long as you like to finish collecting McMenamins passport stamps. Which is good, because I bought my passport over 3 years ago and I am still not done filling it up. I know one guy that’s already filled up there. 

Cosmic Tripster Party

Once you finish the entire passport, you get invited to a special party called the Cosmic Tripster party. To redeem your grand prize you have to visit one of the hotels: Edgefield, Kennedy School, Crystal Hotel, Hotel Oregon, Grand Lodge, White Eagle, Old St. Francis School, Gearhart, Olympic Club and McMenamins Anderson School.