Meadows Restaurant SunriverWhile we were in Sunriver (just south of Bend, Oregon) we ended up over at the main lodge one day for a late breakfast. The main lodge is beautiful and has a restaurant and a bar inside it.

Meadows Restaurant in Sunriver

I actually thought we would just have lunch because we got there after 11 AM, but they were still serving breakfast. Three of us ordered breakfast and two of us ordered lunch. It was nice to have both options. The view was great too. The restaurant overlooks the golf course. They have a large patio too. 

My sweet little daughter probably had the best meal of all. She ordered the kids steak. She may just be 10, but she appreciates a good steak. We sat there while she polished off the entire thing.

My son stuck with his usual French Toast with blueberries




I went with this skillet shown here. It had artichokes, tomatoes, onions, spinach and feta cheese. If you like feta you will love this. If you are like me and don’t mind feta, but do not particularly want to eat large amounts of it then you will not like it. The dish was loaded with feta.


My husband got one of the egg benedict dishes. I believe it was the one with mushrooms. It was excellent.



They offer a variety of smoothies. This one is touted as being extremely healthy and it better be, because it was $8!


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