Illani Casino invited us to dine at their casino and I am so glad we did. They have lots of dining choices in their casino, but we only had enough time to visit one restaurant and we always lean towards steak. Hence, our unbelievably good late lunch experience at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse.

Garlic bread with Rogue Cheese Fondue at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Garlic bread with Rogue Cheese Fondue

Before our visit, I looked this place up and found the funniest comments. One comment was that there was no way Michael Jordan even eats steak because he is an athlete and athletes don’t eat steak. Now I don’t know much about athletes’ diets because I never was one, but I do know that the only time in my life I have seen Michael Jordan in person was at a steakhouse in Portland. Go figure!

We kicked off our meal with the garlic bread, a strong recommendation by our server. Upon the first bite, I saw why this savory bread paired with a blue cheese fondue is their signature appetizer.  It was absolutely delicious. Had we not been saving room for the rest of the meal I would have ordered some more of this. Between the kids and I, it was devoured in just a few minutes. That may be a record for us, but it was just so darn good.

The Steak Benedict at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

The Steak Benedict at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Obviously steak is a theme here which means you can get steak many different ways including a steak benedict. It was phenomenal.

The Steak Sandwich at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

The Steak Sandwich at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

I went with the steak sandwich. For some reason, I just can’t pass up a steak sandwich. This was exceeded expectation and is one of the top three steak sandwiches I’ve had in the world. When I was pregnant with Noah all I wanted was a steak sandwich, so I’ve had over a hundred!

Cheeseburger at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Cheeseburger at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

I have one child that orders a hamburger no matter what. Even at a steakhouse which is not right in my opinion. Regardless, it was excellent. 

Filet Mignon at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Filet Mignon at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Unlike the child I won’t name, Eden always orders a steak. I can tell the waiter finds this a little amusing when my tiny little daughter orders a steak, but she has great taste. The filet she ordered was superb. 

23 Layered Chocolate Cake Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

23 Layered Chocolate Cake Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Now the most unexpected part of our meal was the 23 layered chocolate cake. Michael Jordan’s number on the Chicago Bulls was 23. This cake was to die for. I’m not even a fan of chocolate cake, but when a waiter doesn’t hesitate to recommend a specific item I take note. Our waiter recommended it and now I am recommending it. It’s absolutely wonderful. 

If you ever have the chance to visit Illani casino you must visit Michael Jordan’s steakhouse! There is a location in Chicago and Connecticut too.

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