The new smartwatch by Michael Kors, the Access Runway Smartwatch 41mm Stainless Steel has some really interesting abilities. We’ve been testing it out the last few weeks and so far love it. Keep reading to see what our favorite features are!

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The Access Runway Smartwatch we received was rose gold, it also comes in a gold-tone. They let me choose and since I wanted to give it to my daughter, I went with the rose gold. The finish on the part that is rose gold is lovely. I didn’t realize when not actively using the watch that the face would be black. Had I known I probably would have gone with the gold instead. The touchscreen face of the watch is quite large, 41mm, which is nice because you can see the interface easily. What makes it perfect for Eden is she can wear it with anything. Last night she dressed up for her band concert and it was a nice compliment to her outfit. Or she can wear it to school with a casual outfit, or during PE and track her activity.

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What we most enjoy is of course, its smartphone connectivity. Everyone has a smartphone, including my kids and they always enjoy using it with other things. For example, before receiving this watch Eden already had her phone connected to our Google home and our Nest doorbell. Now she is connected to her watch too! The watch works with iPhone/iOS and Android.

The smartwatch/phone connection has a variety of features, including the ability to take selfies, ring your phone (in case you can’t find it), access music, and keep track of personal goals. Plus, it can receive texts, and social media notifications.

I especially love being able to text Eden even if she is at school, The watch has a vibrate mode that quietly alerts you to a range of notifications, like incoming e-mails, calls and text messages. This means she sees my text and then will answer me later when she can. (Don’t judge me, I don’t text her that much.)

Activity Monitoring

The watch works with the Google Fit app, including the app’s two new activity trackers, Heart Points and Move Minutes. Both were designed in partnership with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. These evidence-based metrics measure activity intensity, and smarter health coaching makes your fitness goals more achievable by motivating you to stay active throughout your day, everyday.

The watch tracks distance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate and steps taken during the day.

Eden missed quite a bit of school due to our travel schedule and her PE teacher gave me a bit of grief over it. We took the info off the watch and turned it in as make up work. During our travel she walked 10K steps a day!

Other Cool Features

Google Assistant: This feature can help you stay ahead of your day with proactive, personalized help from Google Assistant, even before you ask like upcoming flight info, doctor appointments, and dinner reservations.

Quick access to Google Pay: – You can use the watch to pay with a wave at almost any place that accepts credit cards.
This watch retails for $350.
Overall, the runway smartwatch by Michael Kors is a must-have. The functionality and style combine to make the perfect accessory to keep you motivated and looking great all day long. Its ability to adapt to any environment or outfit offers you the luxury of having a stylish companion without sacrificing convenience. Whether you’re on-the-go, working from home or out for date night, this laptop has got you covered every single time. With its fashionable design and lightweight build, it brings together fashion and technology in one sleek package. Stop by your local Michael Kors store to check out this amazing watch and add a touch of glamour to your everyday ensemble! Plus, with its great affordability too, what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab yours today!

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