The Military Lounge at Miami airport can be found in Terminal E before you go through security.  It is a little hard to find.  You will see a sign directing you to it just to the right of security.  You have to follow the signs through a winding hallway.  To get in you must show your military id and your flight info.  You do not have to be traveling on orders to use the facility.  We were going on our family vacation when we used it.

It is a large lounge with two rooms set up for families. In the partial kitchen, they have free food like pizza pockets, hot dogs, chips, drinks, coffee, and pastries.  There are also bathrooms, living room, computers, and free wi-fi. They have books, dvds, toys and more.

In the separate family rooms are two futons, blankets, sheets, pillows, tv with cable, and vcr.

I was so grateful this lounge is there. It was wonderful to relax with the children during our seven-hour layover.  It took my stress level down.  My husband was also very relieved when he called and found out we were at the military lounge.

If you are looking for a way to give back, this lounge or one of the other lounges in a major airport is a great way.  They run off of volunteers and donations.  The one in Miami serves around 2,000 people a month.  I can guarantee if you donate to a military service like this you will make a difference.

To get in you need: Military or government-issued ID and evidence of same-day travel through Miami International Airport (plane ticket, boarding pass or military orders) is required for entry.

Location: Concourse E, 2nd level. Look for signs directing you to the Military Hospitality Lounge.

Operating Hours: Daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM