My oldest son and my daughter were lucky enough to go to camp at Miracle Ranch in Washington state to participate in Operation Extreme. Operation Extreme is the camp they offer just for military kids. If you are military and you live in the Miracle Ranch Camp sand volley ball court and basket ball courtPacific Northwest I highly recommend you check into sending your kids to this camp! It’s the nicest camp I’ve ever seen. Much nicer than the places I always went in New Mexico! They offer lots of different camps besides the military week.

Everything at Miracle Ranch is western theme, which fits perfectly with the horseback riding they offer. Other things they offer are

  • swimming in the lake
  • water trampoline
  • volleyball
  • paintball
  • archery
  • ropes course

It is a Christian camp and each child receives a small bible. They also have a professional chef that creates extremely nice meals for the kids. My son acted like it was the best food he ever had. He also loved the hot chocolate machine!

Miracle Ranch Camp cabins
Miracle Ranch Camp cabins
Miracle Ranch Camp store
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Miracle Ranch Camp horse arena

Miracle Ranch Camp dining hall