I’ve been a mom for 19.5 years now and along the way, I’ve learned a few things. As a mom, you are basically expected to know how to do everything and eventually, you probably will whether you want to or not!

I’ve put together various posts highlighting some things to help out moms. From interesting activities to teaching a kid to read to making fun lunches. It’s my hope that some of these tips will help moms with their day to day lives. 

Food Hacks

Lunch Box Ideas

9 Healthy & Easy Travel Snacks

54 Simple Meals for Back to School


Activity Hacks

This school year is going to encompass a great deal of online learning, so it’s going to be more important than ever to get your kids away from the screens and get them outside and moving. 

29 Safe Social Distancing Outdoor Activities

Spring Inspiration: 20 Ways to Play Outside With Kids

10 Things Kids Should Do Before Growing Up

14 Activities to Help Kids Blow Off Steam


Back to School Hacks

Back to School Shopping Tips

Help Your Child’s School with Box Tops

10 Educational Websites

10 Great Websites for kids

How to Teach Your Child to Read


Parenting Hacks

Tasks for Toddlers

1-minute Cleaning Drill

Ways Kids Can Earn Money

5 Ways To Keep Up With Your Teen


Money-Saving Hacks

9 Money-Saving Hacks for Parents

20 Ways to Make Money From Home

Car Buying Tips for Single Moms


Mom Hacks

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Making Life Easier

6 Self-Care Tips Moms Need Now

Save Time and Money with Meal Planning

Organizational Hacks

6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Get Organized

5 Yard Sale Tips for Success

Did you find these mom hacks because you heard me on the radio? If so I would love for you to share what city you heard it in. I never know where my mom hack tips will be airing, so it’s fun to find out. The last person that reached out heard me in Manitoba Canada!