As I’ve mentioned on the blog previously we ended up going to London extremely last minute. We were literally at the airport and couldn’t go to Amsterdam because the kids passports were 3 days short of the minimum required length. Instead of panicking we quickly picked out a different country with less strict passport requirements. And that’s how we ended up going to London with no planning at all. I had never even looked into going to London, but we jumped on a flight and away we went.   

Lucky for me, I work with Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan and she founded the trip planning service MomAboard. MomAboard

MomAboard is a new trip planning service that connects traveling parents with local moms. They plan your trip for you, which takes the time and stress out of family travel planning.

I let her know what was going on through Facebook and she had one of her experts craft an itinerary for us based on our interests and the kids ages.

I didn’t have to sort through a site like TripAdvisor that offers tons of unfiltered content and takes hours to filter through, because the expert mom has first hand experience and knows what is worth us doing and seeing.

Laura Vogel was my “Mombassador” and she wrote up an itinerary for four days with activities and restaurant suggestions. Here is a little snippet of the itinerary she built for us. London itinerary

How it works:

MomAboard provide traveling families with complete trip plans built by moms local to the destinations they are traveling to. Each itinerary is created from scratch, taking into consideration the family’s needs, interests, budgets and ages of children. The average trip takes over 8 hours to plan. The intake form takes 10 minutes.

Why it works:

There is no more reliable nor a relevant source of information for parents than other parents. The “Mombassadors” provide detailed insights into their cities, that only a mom would know, such as offbeat cafes with reading corners, and which train stations are stroller-friendly. They even know where the best playground is. They also include babysitting information and emergency resources, and tourist traps to avoid with kids.

MomAboard launched the service in September 2015 and has quickly expanded to  35+ destinations. They have a new website, and a new offering for expat parents (“look-see” itineraries plus coffee with a local mom).

Founder Information: Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan is an avid traveler and a mum of 2, bringing 8 years of Silicon Valley experience to this venture.