I wanted to continue on the Magic Kingdom today. If you didn’t see the early post be sure to read it for tips on fast passes and on rider switch cards. Both will make your trip much more pleasurable.


There is no doubt that this is an expensive vacation, but I must say it was worth every dime. I can not put into words how much fun our kids had. I planned this trip for months and we saved for months. The kids were so excited to go, but their faces when we got there made all the time and effort worth it.

P8140351If you can get to the Magic Kingdom by opening then you can see the show they put on up in the train station. I can’t comment to much on this, because the only time I have seen it we were still to far away to really see the show. We were still on the ferry. Remember even though you get to the parking lot early you still have to catch the tram to the front. From their you have to either take the ferry or monorail into the Magic Kingdom. It takes thirty minutes just to get from where you parked to the Magic Kingdom.  I recommend the ferry during peak times. The monorail gets backed up often.
P8090004Once in the park you are in Main Street USA. Characters that can most often be found on Main Street USA are Snow White, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Chip N Dale.

P8150410One of the shops you can find on Main Street USA is the barber shop. They do several things here. Most people get some colored hair gel and confetti in their hair. We took our son to get his first hair cut there. At the end he received some Mickey ears that say “First Haircut” on the back. They also gave him a certificate. The cost was 14.00. Be sure to get there as early as possible, they usually only have two people working and once there is a line you are waiting for an hour.P8090007On Main Street USA the trolley will come down the street off and on all day and the performers jump off and put on a show.P8100092As you walk from Liberty land towards Frontier land you can catch Woody and the gang performing. Children can participate Woody’s Roundup.
P8100086One of favorite places is the small playground near Splash Mountain. While we wait for the each other to ride Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad, we take our youngest here to play. This can be found under the railroad station not far from the bathrooms at Splash Mountain. P8140365Be sure to make time to help Buzz Lightyear fight the evil emperor Zerg! P8100099Around 3 or 3:30 everyday there is an afternoon parade. I have an excellent spot for viewing this parade. But I do not want to share it here, because I don’t want my perfect spot to get too crowded! If you would like to know email me and I will tell you where it is. P8100101P8140353P8090060At night they put on a parade with the floats all light up. These are not the same floats as the daytime parade.P8090067P8090075After the parade there is a fireworks show called Wishes. It starts with Tinkerbell flying off of the castle over the crowd. This is a very good fireworks show and is worth seeing if you can manage to keep your kids happy enough to be out that late! It is a fairly long fireworks program. I suggest being as close to the entrance as possible for this show that way you can quickly get out of the park instead of being in the massive crowd all exciting at the same time.

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