Recently a girlfriend of mine from high school vacationed up in Whistler, Canada. Whistler is one of my favorite places and I ask her if she would be willing to share any of her trip with us. Lucky for us she said yes. Today Demona is sharing her two favorite Whistler activities with us, mountain biking and bungee jumping.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is fun for anyone who can ride a bike. While I was up there I saw lots of small children riding and doing lessons. This is our first trip to Whistler (boyfriend and myself) and the bike park was the main reason we came (mostly because boyfriend does mountain biking in Texas). The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is a world-renowned facility with professional competitions throughout the year, but it is also good for beginners.

Bike Park 101 Lesson

“If you’re comfortable riding a bike on pavement, we’ll have you loving our easy cruising trails and learning areas.” is on the website and they are right. I am not big on bike riding. I’ve ridden with my boyfriend exactly 3 times. Prior to that, I had not ridden a bike in 15 years, so I did not feel comfortable going up a mountain and riding a bike down on my own. This class was perfect for me. They provide all the equipment needed.

The bike park half-day lesson does not include the bike rental since some people bring their own. However, all bike rentals include full helmet, arm/elbow pads, shin/knee pads, and gloves. The instructor (Robbie was mine) does a great job making you feel comfortable. We did some practice at the bottom of the mountain on how to load your bike on the lift then off we went.  After arriving at the top of the lift we went to a side area to practice bike skills. It was the basics of riding, balancing your weight, and turning. He would show us how to do something and have us practice a few times. There is a sloped area to practice braking downhill (sudden stops are bad, slow and controlled is desired). I got to practice as much as I wanted till I felt comfortable.  Then off we went to ride down the mountain.

The instructor did a great job of pulling to the side, explaining what was coming ahead and giving some pointers. It was a blast. I felt in control the entire time and picked up some great skills I can bring back with me. Maybe I’ll ride more with boyfriend since I now feel comfortable on the bike.

Half-Day Group Lesson

Since my boyfriend is used to mountain biking he choose to do the half-day lesson. Yes, he does mountain biking regularly, but riding in Texas and riding down a mountain are two completely different experiences, so he wanted a bit of guidance first. He was glad he took the class. His was a large group of about 10 people so they broke into 2 smaller groups – beginner and more advanced. Both groups started with basic skills at the top of the area. Then quickly moved to riding the Easy Does It green trail. From there the groups separated based on experience. The instructors gave them tips and pointers along the way. Even though my boyfriend has been riding for years he was thrilled with all he learned. His group did blues and even a black diamond by the end of the lesson. He was pumped!

Whistler Bungee Jumping

Whistler Bungee Jumping


Even if you have bungee jumped before you should definitely try this place.  It is a 160 ft drop!

Pricey? Yes, but you cannot beat the views and the experience. I want somewhere “cool” for my first bungee not just the Air Park in Dallas. My boyfriend laughed at my desire for “destination bungee jumping” but it was worth it.

The people at Whistler Bungee were fantastic. They were excited and encouraging throughout the entire process (signing up, harnessing, jumping, and after). I felt very safe as well. They make sure the area is roped off so there are no accidents. One person will help put the harness on for you. There are 2 others who also check the harness and rigging before you jump, overall I was checked 3 times each by a different person. I thought I would have trouble jumping, but I didn’t. It is just encouraged, expected, and normal. They count down 5…4…3…2…1…then you jump! It was crazy freefalling for that long. I wondered when the bungee kicked in.

Warning, I did get hit in the face by the padded piece once I hit the bottom so that was a bit shocking.

At the bottom, you are sprung back upward and then fall again. I had 5 falls total, kind of like the roller coaster that drops you multiple times. It was crazy and fantastic. After the bouncing stops, you hang onto the bungee for a while catching your breath and enjoying your surroundings as they pull you up. I never thought I would bungee jump, but it was incredible and something I look forward to doing again in Whistler.

Bungee Jumping in Whistler

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