One of the best restaurants in Portland is also one of the most overlooked for some reason or another. We ended up eating here during the Portland Dining Month where you can get 3 courses for $29. I ate here with the kids and my mom and we tried lots and lots of food. Everything was quite good. The menu changes seasonally, so you may or may not be able to order any of the items in this post. (I know kind of lame.)mucca osteria

The atmosphere is kind of quiet and intimate. But not so much that I felt uncomfortable taking my kids there. I probably wouldn’t take little kids here. I do recommend making a reservation on the weekends, because their space is pretty small.

mucca osteria

This is the Scoglio pasta.

muccaI tried a peach/orange cocktail and it was just okay. I think next time I will stick with wine only. mucca osteriamucca osteria

Oddly enough one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in Portland was here at Mucca Osteria! I looked to see if they currently had steak on their menu and sadly they do not. But they do still have this pork pictured below.

mucca osteria

The desserts are the same too. One of them is the Cioccolatino a flour-less chocolate cake. It was so good. The other one we tried was a more traditional Italian dessert, Tiramis├╣.

mucca osteria

mucca osteria1022 SW Morrison St.


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