Take a trip down memory lane to one of New York City’s most iconic destinations – the Museum of Natural History! From its awe-inspiring collections to its educational programming, this museum continues to inspire minds young and seasoned alike. Whether you are a parent with an eagerness to learn or an excitable youngster ready for new adventures, everyone can find something special at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Combining history and science into one unique experience like never before, this renowned museum makes connecting with nature enjoyable and enlightening.


The Museum of Natural History in NYC has tons of dinosaur skeletons, plus lots of other interesting stuff.

For my kid’s ages, the dinosaurs and stuffed animals were the most interesting part.Museum of Natural History NYC

I have to mention that we were able to get in free by using the Blue Star Museum initiative for military families.

  • Always remember when taking children to a museum to keep the expectations low. I knew going in we would only be there two hours at the most and we didn’t quite make it. This should factor in when deciding if an activity is worth the cost.
  • There is a cafe here.

For families with younger children head to the dinosaur area first. It is the most interesting area for kids, so you should visit it before your kids are going stir-crazy. These pictures only show a few dinosaurs, but there were tons to see.

Our exploration of New York City’s Museum of Natural History has come to an end. Along the journey, we learned about its incredible history, impressive exhibitions, and engaging educational activities for the whole family. With a day spent here, you can enjoy fun-filled activities that lead to learning and appreciation for nature’s wonders. Oftentimes, this is even done without kids being aware that they are indeed learning.

As parents and caregivers, there is no better place to take children in New York City as The Museum of Natural History has something fantastic for everyone. So go out and explore one of the greatest natural history museums in the world! Where is your favorite place to take kids in NYC? Let us know by commenting below!

After you are done head to Central Park directly across the street where you will find a large playground. 

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