That magical time when you can dust off those cowboy boots, dig out the neon leotard, or find any excuse to wear glitter. Lots of it. Here’s your guide to blending in or standing out at some of America’s favorite music festivals. Because honestly, if you didn’t Instagram it, were you even there?

Austin City Limits (ACL)Austin City Limits

Picture this: boho chic meets southern comfort. Austin is laid-back with a touch of indie vibe. Think floppy hats, airy sundresses, or denim cut-offs paired with a vintage band tee. Footwear? Comfortable sandals or cowboy boots if you’re feeling frisky. And yes, the temperature will melt your makeup, so consider waterproof everything. You’re in Texas, darling, where the brisket is hot, and the fashion is cool.

Austin gets super hot so you might want to consider wearing workout shorts instead.

CoachellaCoachella outfit

Welcome to the influencer Olympics. If there’s a place to be seen and snapped by a passing fashion blogger, it’s here. Flower crowns might have wilted in popularity, but bohemian is still the vibe. Crochet anything, mesh everything, and accessories that say, “I’m artsy and carefree, but I planned this look for three months.” And don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun (or to hide them when you can’t find your tent).

EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas outfit

Neon, neon, and more neon. EDC is your opportunity to dress like you’re visiting from the future where clothes are optional, but glitter is mandatory. Feel free to wear those things that light up, shine, and blink, because if there’s a place where you won’t be the brightest or most colorful thing around, it’s EDC. Comfortable shoes are a must because dancing from dusk till dawn isn’t for the faint-hearted—or those in high heels.

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LollapaloozaLollapalooza outfit

Set in the heart of Chicago, Lollapalooza is where urban meets grunge with a sprinkle of hipster. High-waisted shorts, graphic tees, and anything flannel. A sturdy pair of combat boots will get you through the mud if it rains (and it will rain). Oh, and add a cross-body bag to keep your essentials secure while you jump around to your favorite band.


Cowgirl up, ladies! Stagecoach is your chance to unleash your inner country queen. Denim on denim? Absolutely. Add a cowboy hat and boots, and you’re ready to line dance with the best of them. The more fringe and rhinestones, the better. And if you think you’re overdoing it with the western theme, you’re probably just getting started.

When We Were YoungWhen We Were Young

This festival is like stepping into a time machine set for the early 2000s. Grab your band tees, Converse, and enough eyeliner to make your teenage self proud. Skinny jeans? Check. Studded belts and wristbands? Check and check. And don’t forget to wear something you won’t regret in photos 20 years from now—so, pretty much avoid anything you actually wore in the early 2000s.

Remember, ladies, the key to festival fashion is wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to dance like nobody’s watching (even though everyone definitely is). So, rock those outfits, enjoy the music, and keep hydrated—your fashion choices should be the only thing causing a stir, not your dehydration-induced hallucinations. Happy festival-going!