When visiting the hustling, bustling city of Naples, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the crowds, the smells, and the noise. And, if you’re a woman, there’s no escaping the verbal grip of the stereotypical Napolitano man. There are a number of popular day trips from Naples. One of the most sought-after destinations for a day trip is Sorrento. Taking a day trip from Naples to Sorrento is super-easy, and provides an easy escape from Naples city life.


Is Sorrento worth visiting?

sorrento italy

Sorrento, Italy is absolutely worth a visit! Particularly if you want an easy, doable day trip from Naples. Even if you don’t want to do anything in particular, wandering the streets of Sorrento is quite enjoyable.

Though, a day trip from Naples to Sorrento is popular among tourists, and can be rather busy depending on the season. Still, Sorrento isn’t near as busy as Naples, and still provides a reprieve from the busy Italian city.

It’s also a much more laid-back and comfortable experience for the average visitor. If you’ve been to Naples, you know it can be a tad overwhelming at times.

Is Sorrento, Italy expensive?

Sorrento is definitely going to be more expensive than Naples, and is considerably more expensive than other towns and cities in Italy. The average daily cost in Sorrento is approximately €112, while the average daily cost in Naples is €103. The difference isn’t vast, yet it exists.

Thankfully, there are a number of free and budget-friendly things to do in Sorrento that can help in saving a few euros if you’re visiting Sorrento on a budget. Check out the popular things to do in Sorrento below!

Getting from Naples to Sorrento

Train Tracks of Naples

Personally, one of my favorite parts of a day trip from Naples to Sorrento is the ability to take a ferry instead of a train. It adds to the experience of being on the Amalfi Coast, especially when you can feel the spray of the sea water on your skin.

Plus, if you’ve been traveling around Italy by train, the ferry can be nice to break up the monotony a bit.

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Ferry from Naples to Sorrento

Taking the ferry from Naples to Sorrento takes about 80-90 minutes. The ferry usually runs twice per day, first departing Naples Port at 08:55, arriving in Sorrento at 10:20. The evening ferry departs Naples Port at 16:35 and arrives in Sorrento at 17:55.

Cost of ferry tickets run between $17-35 USD.

We took the train back from Sorrento in lieu of taking the return ferry. For ferry schedules, check out Alilauro or Navigazione Libera del Golfo.

Train from Naples to Sorrento

The train from Naples to Sorrento takes a little over an hour and costs as little as $7 USD. There are hourly trains departing from Napoli P. Garibaldi station leaving for Sorrento. The train is direct and simple to navigate.

Check out Ente Autonomo Volturno for an updated schedule.

Things to do on a day trip from Naples to Sorrento

Visit Tasso Square

sorrento square

Piazza Tasso is the center of Sorrento and the focal point of locals’ social life. Constructed in teh 19th century amid the city’s many urban revivals, Tasso Square altered the appearance of Sorrento.

In the center of the piazza is a statue of Torquato Tasso. Tasso was a famed poet who was born and raised in Sorrento in the 16th century. 

Surrounding the perimeter are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can people watch, sip an afternoon espresso, or enjoy an evening aperitivo. 

One of the best spots to enjoy a leisurely beverage and take in the sights and sounds is Bar Fauno, which offers the best views of the piazza’s liveliness. Be sure to ask for a table on the outdoor terrace.

Correale de Terranova Museum

An excellent option for something to do on a day trip from Naples to Sorrento is to visit the Correale de Terranova Museum. This museum houses a stunning display of local relics on grounds surrounded by picturesque lemon groves. Here, you can admire Intarsia (Sorrento-style woodworking), fine art done by local artists, and an overall magical setting.

The Museum was established by the Correale de Terranova family in the 19th century. The Correale de Terranovas were affluent Neapolitan nobles with a penchant for fine art.

Wander Old Town & the Laneways

One of my favorite activities in any European locale is to get lost in the Old Town, and Sorrento is no exception. Sorrento’s Old Town is best known for its epic shopping and local markets. 

For a perfect shopping experience, head over to Corso d’Italia and Via San Cesareo. If souvenirs are what you seek, invest in anything made with local Sorrento gold: lemons! The area is widely hailed as a mecca for all things lemon, including jams and of course, limoncello. Some places get a little creative, and concoct interesting confections such as lemon chocolate, bon bons, and numerous pastries.

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In addition to all things lemon, you’ll also find local, handmade ceramics and gifts made in Sorrento-style woodworking, Intarsia.

Via San Cesareo is known affectionately as i vicoletti (the laneways). This is a charming area filled with locals selling their fresh produce and artisanal goods. In the evenings, this is the perfect place to take a passeggiata.

For fresh produce and other things to cook with, be sure to check out the local open air market on Mondays at Piano di Sorrento. You can also find linens and other household items here.

Baths of Queen Giovanna

The Baths of Queen Giovanna is aptly named, as this was the preferred place of relaxation by Queen Giovanna, who would use its secluded nature as a place to bring her lover. The Baths of Queen Giovanna is perfect for couples who will love the romantic vibes that the place exudes, a natural pool amid lush scenery.

La Pignatella

La Pignatella is a stunning, rocky coast where locals come to bask in the sun and take a dip in the crystalline waters. It’s definitely considered a wild, untamed beach, perfect for visitors who don’t need many frills or amenities. 

Given its jagged (and thus somewhat perilous) nature, coupled with steep slopes and slippery rocks, it’s not the best choice to bring children to swim.

Villa Comunale Park

This serene park boasts perfectly landscaped gardens and elaborate floral displays, as well as sweeping views of the Bay of Naples. You can even see the looming silhouette of Mt. Vesuvius in the backdrop.

Depending on the weather and air quality of the day, you may be able to see some of the area’s best islands peeking up on the horizon. 

From here, you can either hike or take a lift down to the Small Marina.

Explore the Small Marina

Once you reach Marina Piccola (Small Marina), you can either rent a beach chair (approximately 12 euros; umbrellas are extra) or take a dip from one of the marina’s bathing platforms. You’ll find a number of beach clubs (expect to pay for admission).

The Marina Piccola was constructed in the early 1900s and was responsible for the destruction of many local fishermen’s houses. Modern buildings were then erected to give the area a more ‘rich’ feel, perfect for attracting more affluent tourists.

Enjoy Seafood at Big Marina 

marina grande

Also walkable from Villa Communale is the Marina Grande (Big Marina). This is a fishing port with old-world charm, colorful boats bobbing in the water, and a number of delicious seafood restaurants. 

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It’s a great place to people watch and see local fishermen unloading the catch of the day, which you’ll likely be eating later that evening. 

As with most places in Sorrento, it also boasts gorgeous views over the Bay of Naples.

There are a number of beautiful terraces surrounded by lemon trees, giving it a one-of-a-kind vibe that only Sorrento can offer. The contrast of the bright, yellow lemons with the deep blue waters and colorful boats is something truly indicative of the charming seaside town.

San Francesco Cloister

For someone who loves to visit historic monuments, the San Francesco Cloister offers a perfect reprieve from a day in the hot Sorrento sun. This is a great, relaxing area adjacent to Villa Comunale Park, featuring breathtaking 14th century gardens and a church.

Occasionally in the summer, the Cloisters will host temporary art exhibitions, but the real tour de force here is the stunning view over the Bay of Naples (which can obviously be enjoyed year-round).

Take a Boat Tour

A great way to see Sorrento from a different perspective is to take a boat tour. Many of these will also explore the area around the island of Capri and the infamous Blue Grotto, one of the most beautiful, natural Italian landmarks. Some will take you around the entirety of the Amalfi Coast, with the option of snorkeling or swimming in waterfalls.

Indulge in Local Food & Drink

lemons sorrento

A must-do in Sorrento is to sample the local cuisine. This is Italy, after all, a mecca for fine food, world-renowned wines, and delicious aperitivos.

Given its seaside location, expect to have copious amounts of fresh, delicious seafood. 

If seafood isn’t your thing, try gnocchi alla Sorrentino. Small, hand-rolled potato dumplings are lightly coated in a delicate tomato sauce, baked with fresh mozzarella and torn basil. As with all traditional Italian cuisine, the beauty is not in the dish’s complexity, but quite the opposite. Italians have a penchant for simple dishes made with super high-quality ingredients.

And for something to drink? Limoncello, of course. If you’re not familiar with limoncello, it consists of fermented lemons and sugar, making a slightly tart, slightly sweet after dinner drink. In addition to sipping on a glass, expect to see limoncello as a key ingredient in many local desserts and sweet confections.

cathedral sorrento

Is it safe in Sorrento, Italy?

Sorrento is a very safe destination in Italy, particularly in comparison with Naples. Violent crimes are very rare. As with any Italian tourist destination, you must keep a keen eye out for pickpockets and typical tourist scams.

Solo female travelers can take a sigh of relief with the increased safety (and decreased catcalls) when coming from Naples to Sorrento.

Should you take a day trip from Naples to Sorrento?

So, what’s the verdict? Is the day trip worth it? Absolutely! The perfect escape from the craziness that is Napoli, Sorrento offers the perfect combination of authentic Italian charm, world class seafood and cuisine, seaside beauty, and more.

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